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The Big Bang Theory - The Celebration Reverberation - Review: "Bounce House Besties"

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Last week things ended on a bittersweet note - while Amy & Sheldon realized they do want to have a big wedding after all, Howard and Raj are on the rocks. Will the pals reunite this week? Let's find out...

Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are sorting through comic books at the store. Sheldon, out of the blue, asks Stuart if he can read Aquaman while smoking meat in the back room. Before you ask, it's so that he can throw Amy a Little House on the Prairie themed party! Awwe!

The guys think it's cute. Except for the Aquaman part.

Halley's first birthday is the same day, but given Bernadette being bedridden, and Howard's laziness, nothing big is happening.

Raj walks in, standing behind the guys at a different table. Howard calls him a baby. It takes Sheldon a few moments to determine who he's referring to as a baby; he hazards a guess...

Turns out Stuart has a head that smells infant-like. Stuart proceeds to try and get the ex-pals to make amends, until Raj offers him his other The Last Jedi screening ticket.

Yikes. The ultimate betrayal.

The next day, Sheldon, Leonard and Raj are debating whether or not to see The Last Jedi... again. They're game. Howard walks over, announcing that Halley will be having a birthday party after all. Sheldon's concerned about flowers made of frosting on the cake. Howard hands out an invite to everyone. Except Raj.

(By the way, just want to throw in that I am LOVING Raj's hair! I hope it stays!)

Raj panics, and Howard says it's not a big deal that he's not invited. He storms off. Sheldon's still concerned about the frosting flowers.

Why do my Spidey Senses tell me something is bound to go awry at this party?

Later, Penny walks into the apartment with Leonard's brother's family's Christmas card! Turns out his nonprofit built a hospital in Rwanda. Truly, truly, remarkable.

Or, an opportunity to brag. It's all about perspective. Sheldon finds his way in, holding none other than a butter churner.

He asks if he can leave it at their place so Amy won't see. He then tells Penny all of the different kinds of foods he'll be serving at her shindig; including, tree sap.

C'mon, Penny, all of the cool cats are serving tree sap at their parties nowadays! Sheldon announces that after her party, they'll engage in birthday coitus. Leonard says it'll be exhausting and short. Sheldon says the same thing about him, and this comeback will go down in the history books.

At the comic book store, Howard asks Stuart if he can bring a few things to the party. Well, everything.

He also confesses he's been taking Halley to (sometimes) non-violent movies instead of Daddy & Me class. Stuart reassures Howard, reminding him that Halley won't remember the party. Stuart says he'll help, because there's no party like a Stuart party! Because Stuart... hasn't been invited... to parties.

Stuart gives off a sense of half-defeated optimism. You think things are going uphill, and then they don't.

Amy arrives home from work, and has entered her own Little Apartment on the Prairie! Or the Pasadena. She hugs Sheldon, who reminds her that it was hard work putting this together.

They sit down to Sheldon's freshly prepared frontier meal, and Amy notices the churned butter. Turns out it took 9 hours to prepare, and Sheldon now has churners elbow. Amy is so turned on, that she doesn't know if she can make it to midnight to engage in birthday coitus. Sheldon reminds her that "rigid adherence to a strict schedule" is the best kind of foreplay.

How ever will she make it until the clock strikes 12?!

Penny gets home from work to see that Leonard is constructing his own Christmas card, and is trying to create a list of exciting things they've done in the past year. Penny wants to help!

They're still employed, and still married. Bravo! They decide to check Leonard's phone for pictures that could indicate anything at all noteworthy. Sheldon checked Leonard's back for moles, that's something!

They're mole buddies. Also, the couple has almost done some stuff, like go to the beach and the mountains. But alas, they did not. What a fun Christmas card this will be!

Howard shows up at Raj's with what appears to be a peace offering...

Him and Bernadette would love to have him there. To completely plan the party. Raj is insulted. Howard says he should be praised for being honest.

While Raj is angry at Howard, he loves Halley, and agrees to step in. They'll be offering squeaky, chewy toys as party favours as they're leftover from Cinnamon's birthday. Howard is game. Hopefully the guests have pets, or kids that like to chew on dog toys.

We're back in Frontierland when Sheldon asks Amy if he can get her anything else to eat.

She's had enough pork fat for one lifetime. The pair head over to the couch, where Sheldon's prepared some 19th century... graphic... stories to tell Amy, in order to woo his girl.

It doesn't take long before both of them feel sick to their stomachs. Could've been the frontier scallops. Sheldon rushes off to the bathroom to upchuck his dinner.

Oh dear.

The next day, Halley's birthday party has been pulled together beautifully!

Howard's appreciative. Raj regretfully informs him that he could've gotten the Blue Man Group to perform, but didn't. Nothing says happy first birthday like a bunch of guys with blue faces surrounding you!

Meanwhile, Amy and Sheldon are now bedridden.

Jeez. My gut tells me next year they'll be ordering in for Amy's birthday. Their guts are probably saying the same thing, too.

Turns out they feel terrible, and neither of them slept. Sheldon asks Amy if she'd like to have birthday coitus.

She doesn't. Apparently Sheldon has annual needs! She agrees, if she can remain perfectly still and not touch her whatsoever. They then have imaginary coitus.

Penny wakes up to see Leonard's still working on his list. He's added "Kept Fern Alive" to the page, referring to what Penny says is the once alive fern they had. Leonard's made no progress, and is frustrated. He says they should start doing things to progress in their marriage, like buy a house or have kids. Penny is ready for neither. Penny suggests going on a big trip - Leonard loves the idea. Or, they can just take a ferry over to Catalina Island for the day. Before any firm plans are made, Sheldon barges in and makes a b-line for the bathroom.

Penny sure as heck can't wait for their trip!

Back at what is supposed to be Halley's party, nobody has shown up. Not even Bernadette's sister and her kids. Raj is furious, as the cupcakes were made vegan for them!

Howard didn't invite anyone else, and Bernadette is asking how things are going. Does Raj have any little relatives he can fly over from India, stat?!

At Amy and Sheldon's, the pair still feels sick. Sheldon tells Amy they left the food out. She questions whether he's worried about it going good.


Halley's party has become a party of two. At least there's a bounce house with a knockoff version of Wonder Woman on it! Raj decides to make the most of the situation and jump. Howard berates him for going in with his shoes on, and quickly becomes the human target of flying shoes. Soon after, he joins Raj in the bounce house.

In a G-Rated, kid-friendly wrestling match, the two admit why they've been feeling the way they do, and take turns pushing one another down... literally. After a while, they realize they're having too much fun to argue. So, Sheldon can be controlled by a parenting book and Raj and Howard are able to overcome their deep rooted problems by jumping in a children's bounce house. Yet they all have brilliant minds. Now I feel totally validated jumping in the next bounce house I see. And the one after that.

Later, the party seems to have picked up a bit of momentum. Oh my goodness, Amy and Sheldon have recovered!

They won't be returning to frontier life anytime soon. Bernadette calls down that Halley's awake, and the gang rushes upstairs to see the one-year old. Everyone, that is, except Amy and Sheldon. Sheldon reminds his beloved that it's still her birthday, and that they're in the presence of any empty bounce house. Wow, I haven't seen Sheldon this dirty-minded since... ever! He's the cleanest guy around! They agree to jump in the bounce house for a while, and then find and empty room to have coitus in.

What a turn of events this episode brought! Howard and Raj have made amends, and it appears as if Sheldon is equally as excited about 'having fun' as Amy is! I'm overjoyed to see harmony restored in the group. If only we could've gotten a glimpse at baby Halley, too! Perhaps we'll see her on her second birthday, when Stuart doesn't have a scheduled colonoscopy and can attend the festivities.

Down below, let me know how you feel about Howard and Raj making up (and what pushed them to do it), if you think we'll ever see Halley on the show, and what your thoughts on Raj's new hairstyle are! The Big Bang Theory won't be airing new episodes until January 4th, therefore i'm going to take this opportunity to wish you all the happiest of holidays, and a wonderful new year! See you in a few weeks!

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