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The Big Bang Theory - The Bitcoin Entanglement - Review: "Cold, Hard Coin"

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I missed you all! It has been a minute since we last gathered around our... devices... and dove into a brand new episode of The Big Bang Theory. I hope those of you who indulged in copious amounts of turkey last week have since recovered from your food comas. If not, well, I invite you to sit back, relax, and enjoy!

The gang is sorting through comic books at the store when Raj shares his dismay towards more Avatar movies being in the works. He's reminded by the guys that he once dressed as a minimally clothed Avatar for Halloween. I could've gone the rest of my life not knowing that.

Stuart walks by and shares his financial woes. Raj had brought a comic book to return... because he finished reading it.

Poor Stuart. He isn't down in the dumps for long, though, because Sheldon begins talking about the value of a Bitcoin being $5000, and Leonard remembers they mined some seven years ago!

All Raj can remember from seven years ago is having TiK ToK by Kesha stuck in his head.

My thoughts exactly.

Leonard wishes they knew how much Bitcoin they had. Stuart knows! Because he was definitely there, and was promised part of the profits! He gives the honour of revealing the amount to Sheldon, though. Because he's courteous and everything. Not because he wasn't there and has no idea.

*Flashback to seven years ago. Cue dreamy music!*

Would you look at that, seven years ago they guys were walking into the same comic book store, talking about, you guessed it... Avatar! Penny and Leonard were in the early stages of their relationship, and didn't go out much. Coitus. Man, I missed that word. It was like this special term only fans of The Big Bang Theory used. Our own secret little language!

What a smitten kitten! Howard walks in, on the phone with his mother, asking him if he's spoiling his dinner as they're having brisket. Howard spits out his candy bar immediately. You can't blame him, nothing beats a Jewish mom's brisket!

Sheldon brings up a new currency - Bitcoin, which can't be spent.

Kind of like Stuart's real life currency! Raj is interested. Leonard's skeptical. Sheldon says Bitcoin is mined by solving mathematical problems online. All of that work for a fake coin?

Howard's excited. Leonard thinks it might be fun. Raj is game. Sheldon asks if Stuart's interested in joining, to which he respectfully declines. Looks like the quad squad's in action! Sheldon then warns them that this could have some serious tax implications, which could mean hours on the phone with the IRS.

It's the little things.

*Back to present day*

The boys now recall that they did the Bitcoin mining without Sheldon because of his IRS comment. Then, Sheldon's mom called Howard's mom to tell her the guys were being mean to her Shelly. Raj remembers Sheldon saying someday they'd regret leaving him out, and he asks the guys if they know what day it is. Leonard excitedly proclaims that it's the day they've all become rich except for Sheldon!

And Stuart.

At Bernadette and Howard's, Howard's going through his old laptop they mined the Bitcoin on to try and locate it. Raj reveals he eventually wants to by a tiger with his share.

Howard debates whether or not he'll tell Bernadette about his newfound profit.

Too late. Halley's baby monitor is on. Luckily there's no video cameras in the room...

Any guesses what Howard is hoping to buy?

While sorting through files on his computer, the guys notice a lot of... Asian inspired coitus material. He was single at the time, but that doesn't make Bernie feel any better.

*Flashback to seven years ago*

Raj thinks they should sing some mining songs to celebrate their exciting venture. Leonard asks if he knows any. Oh snap, he does know one: TiK ToK by Kesha!

The party don't stop with Raj.

Howard's mom yells up to see if him and his "little" friends are roughhousing. How dare she says scientists roughhouse?

Howard's computer's not working because it has a virus from the Asian music he's been listening to. Leonard says they can use his. Howard's mom offers the boys cookies. He wants her to stop referring to his friends as "little". But, they can't refuse cookies. They scurry downstairs.

*Back to present day*

Howard asks Bernadette through the monitor if he can go to Leonard's. She doesn't let him finish his sentence, yelling at them to go and get the money!

Amy and Sheldon are talking to Penny about their wedding plans. Turns out the cliff location is off, because they were either too beachy, too cliffy, or too outdoorsy for Sheldon. The guys run in, looking desperately for Leonard's laptop. They explain what they're doing to Penny, Amy, and Sheldon, and Penny's turned on by Bitcoin. They can't find the laptop, and Sheldon tempts them with his eidetic memory. He won't tell them where it is, though, because they didn't want him involved. Leonard asks if he's going to hold a grudge. Sheldon has grudges from preschool, one of which includes someone eating his favourite coloured crayon. The guys plead with him, and Sheldon asks Amy what to do. Amy tells him to be the bigger man. He's mad he even asked.

*Flashback to seven years ago*

Penny and Bernadette are waitresses at The Cheesecake Factory, and Amy and her date ask to have their photo taken.

Picture perfect. The craziest part of this? Amy doesn't know Bernadette and Penny yet, and wants to know Penny's name! To be a witness when her mother doesn't believe she went on a date, of course. She gives her Bernadette's name.

The guys are at a table close-by, and Penny shares she didn't get to do an audition because her computer broke and she never got the email. Also, Sheldon ordered a burger. He got a turkey club. Who else misses Penny's waitressing skills?

(But seriously - if you're ever at The Cheesecake Factory, the turkey club is my fave menu item! I'm sure Sheldon enjoyed it, nonetheless).

*Back to present day*

Penny remembers Leonard giving her his laptop! Just one problem... she gave it to her ex-boyfriend, Zack.

Good news, Zack still has the laptop and the gang is going to pick it up. Leonard can't believe she gave another boyfriend his laptop. Raj and Howard try to remember which breakup this was... Likely the Comic-Con Dumpathon. Where Leonard was a sad Pikachu and Sheldon's Darth Vader cape became his snot rag.

*Flashback to seven years ago*

Penny tells Bernadette to take some time for herself after a breakup. Turns out Bernie found out Howard had some Asian content on his computer. Penny leaves the restaurant with Zack.

*Back to present day*

Penny and Leonard are headed to Zack's. Leonard's upset Penny started dating the first tall, handsome hunk she could find after their breakup. Penny wonders if Leonard's anger stems from him not dating Zack.

The pair arrive at Zack's, who gets in the middle of their argument on whether or not Penny missed Leonard when they broke up. He knows she did, because she talked about him all the time. Likely because of how similar they are. Leonard agrees. They're both people.

Zack says Penny left Leonard an "I miss you" video on the computer for him to see. Oooh!

*Flashback to seven years ago*

Penny's leaving Leonard a drunk video message on the computer. She owes him a "splination".

Drunk Penny is the funniest Penny.

Before she can get as deep as one can while intoxicated, Sheldon's at the door. Penny says she's making a video. Not that kind of video. Wow, so many innuendos in this episode, I can hardly keep up. Sheldon wonders why Penny went out with Leonard in the first place. She thinks he's a great guy, and likely would've ended up marrying him, which is an overwhelming thought. She could never figure out how to spell Hofstadter, though. I totally just Google'd it myself. She asks for Sheldon's advice, and he tells her to pass out facing down so she doesn't choke on her vomit. Penny says she's not going to pass...

Out like a light.

*Back to present day*

She loves him! She really loves him! Zack fast forwards to when Penny falls off of her chair.

That's his wife! This might just be the cutest moment in Lenny history.

At Penny and Leonard's, the guys spot the Bitcoin file on the computer! Except it's empty.

Seems to me like someone might know where the file is. Sheldon reveals he went onto the computer and put the Bitcoin on a flash drive; Leonard's Batman one, on his keychain! Everyone is overjoyed! Minus Leonard. He lost that keychain years ago.

Sheldon goes into full panic mode.

He supposes everyone has learned a lesson. What lesson, Amy asks? He has no idea. A depressing one.

*Flashback to four years ago*

We're in the comic book store, watching Stuart clean up. In a shocking turn of events, look what he found!

He decides he'll erase and re-sell it for like, $10! He can take that money all the way to the convenience store.

If Sheldon wasn't going to get a portion of the profit from the Bitcoins, I was doubtful that any of them would. At least Penny and Leonard got closer through the experience! I can't imagine what kind of purgatory Bernadette is putting Howard through, with all of the lost money they could've had. On the plus side, they'll have this story to remember forever and ever. While imagining themselves on a beach, sipping a piƱa colada thanks to the Bitcoin money they once had.

Down below, let me know if you envisioned this episode ending with the guys becoming rich, if you enjoyed the flashbacks to years ago, and what you would do if you found out you had a bunch of money stored away!

Now, if you'll excuse me, i'm going to go mine for some Bitcoin. Mama needs a new car!

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