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Supergirl - Reign - Review: 'She Will Reign'

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Supergirl 209

Written by Paula Yoo & Caitlin Parrish

Directed by Glen Winter

‘They will receive a blasphemous sigil. And in its wake, many cowards and killers and vile men will burn. And every eye will look upon the heretic, and they will call it Worldkiller.’

I am going to dive straight into this episode which was a load of heartbreak all round and considering its Christmas there certainly wasn’t much cheer. It even gave us its own version of Scrooge in the despicable Morgan Edge who never passes up on a chance to Kill Lena. I still think there is more to it than just business rivalry. With the rise of Reign, we see the fall of Supergirl, for fans of the comics this episode truly did deliver with a fight scene at the end that had us all in shock.

After the Danvers sister brief trip to Earth 1, we would have thought more time would have passed but we jump straight back to Samantha waking up after her trip with visions of, well heat vision. Her screams awaken her daughter. Sam doesn’t seem to recall her trip and deflects when Ruby asks.

At the DEO, Kara is getting the story from Mon-El and Imra about what happened to them. Kara’s example inspired them and Mon-El formed the Legion of Superheroes in the future. However, these are dark times and during a battle, their ship was knocked through a wormhole like the one Mon-El arrived in and ended up 12,000 years in the past, so they set themselves into cryo-sleep to wake when they returned to their time, but the explosion woke them up early. The ship needs repairs to get back to their time and the DEO offer to help. (too bad they don’t know of anyone who knows about time travel!). Kara gives them an invite to her Christmas party, but you can see her relief when they decline.

The Danvers’s eggnog is flowing, and Lena seems to be hitting the hard stuff as well as some flirting with James. J’onn insists Winn put on Jingle Bell Rock again and we learn he also loves Star Wars much to Winn’s delight.
Sam arrives, and Ruby is soon grilling Alex over Supergirl. Sam teases Lena about James and Kara soon pitches in, while I admit I feel this storyline is thrown in there Lena does flirt very well. The best moment in this scene is the three bonding they have all become firm friends though I disagree with Kara when she says she never had best friends before... isn’t Winn supposed to be her best friend. We can only assume she means girlfriends. J’onn calls Kara away seems they have something that needs their attention.

In a field, they are greeted by Vasquez (I assume she works the night shifts) and wonder why she has called them to a burned field. The view needs to be from above and Kara flies up revealing a crop circle that is a Kryptonian symbol.

Kara recognizes it from some ruins on Krypton sure saw on a field trip but a hologram of Alura says its predates known Kryptonian mythology.

The symbols aren’t just localized to a field but all over the city which has people on edge, it hasn’t been that long since the invasion. James sends his reporters out to investigate and Lena believes its more scaremongering from Morgan Edge. They visit Edge but he seems to know nothing or does he.

Kara goes to the Alien bar (still needs a name) hoping someone has some answers but all she finds is Imra and Mon-El being lovey-dovey over some ribs. Kara receives a collect call from the prison it seems someone may have some answers.

Coville, as we know from The Faithful, spent 2 years searching the globe for anything Kryptonian due to his obsession. I like how he mentions the forgotten of Fort R’ozz (yep never to be mentioned or seen again). One was a disgraced Kryptonian priestess who spoke of the rise of a dark god, it will be in three stages

The mark of the beast
The work of the beast
The Reign of the beast, this is when she comes, World killer.

Sam is working late at L - Corp but news of a gang called the 1-7 seems to distract her till Ruby comes in moaning about needing dinner and wanting to go home. I like how they show Sam as a single, hard-working mother trying to do what’s best for her daughter and again you like Sam despite what we now know what is lurking underneath. This scene is even more poignant that she gives Ruby a Supergirl symbol necklace saying they are stronger together.

Back at the DEO, they downplay what Coville says, saying Coville is trying to feel important. Later they will agree he was in fact on to something in a bit of a weak plot point I don’t believe J’onn or the others should have dismissed it as quickly. Imra offers to help and tries to clear the air with Kara who you can tell just wants to be left alone.

At the docks and a guy with a clear 1-7 tattoo is selling drugs but a dark figure that swoops down almost in a fashion of 'the Dark Knight' and soon has them screaming as the bodies fall.

James seems to have taken over the role of bodyguard to Lena and goes with her to meet someone who has info on Edge yet again Lena finds her life in danger, but James’s shield saves her from a laser gun.

Sam arrives at Catco to see if Lena is ok but slips out when the news distracts them of the gang massacre. Her focus now seems to be on Edge and the shirt rip revealing her dark symbol was epic.

At the massacre at the docks, heat vision was used so at the DEO they now believe Coville was on to something, but Kara has other things on her mind when Mon-El tries to talk to her. You know he has moved on and she knows it too, but it hurts her seeing no love for her in his eyes.

As a dark figure appears outside Edge’s office he hides in a lead-lined panic room. Morgan Edge tries to throw suspicion on Supergirl.

At the DEO, Supergirl says she is going to call the other Kryptonian out of the shadows and burns her symbol on the roof of Catco.

Lena and James share a drink and a Kiss, no excuses of Mistletoe either this Christmas Eve. Like I said before I feel these two are thrown together as its very clear in the past James doesn’t trust Lena because she is a Luthor. He was with Clark when he faced off with Lex. So, this storyline doesn’t make sense which given the rest of the episode was a huge disappointment.

At the DEO, Kara sees’s Mon-El and Imra training together and walks away with tears in her eyes. Winn tells her the Kryptonian is hoovering over Catco. I loved how Alex stops Kara from going off and tells her she needs to be cold, be Kryptonian to win. We all feel Alex's tension as she tells Kara this scares her. I must admit Kara seemed very sure of herself earlier when she said she put down ‘Kal’ referring to her defeat of Superman when he was under the influence of Silver Kryptonite. Kara is clearly strong but her going out alone when she has three superheroes at the DEO seemed a bit reckless.

I Love shot on the roof as the face off with Supergirl dressed in her blue and red with the blond hair the sign of light and Reign all in black and unrecognizable as Sam, as the dark. It’s good versus evil and soon they fight matching each other blow for blow. Their fight sends them crashing literally into an office party and I don’t think I will be able to listen to ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree' this season without thinking of this battle.
They then take to out to sea and Reign attempts to crush Supergirl on a cargo ship before they are battling it out in the air as they spiral towards nation city.
A young girl shouts its Supergirl as they come crashing down (I did laugh at the poor guy whose Christmas present went up in the air). It seems an even fight but as Supergirl gets distracted telling the people to get back Reign delivers a concrete post to Supergirl’s head, bleeding she seems to stagger and being nighttime, there is no sun to help her.
Supergirl fights back but using a car door to knock her over Reign then blast’s her with her heat vision up to a rooftop of a skyscraper. You can tell Supergirl is hurt while Reign seems to have all her strength still. Reign picks Supergirl up and drops her off the edge of the skyscraper like a rag doll. At this point, we all hope Supergirl will fly but she lands hard with Alex soon rushing towards her and onlookers fearing the worse. Edge is there looking almost gleeful while James and Lena seem horrified.

It’s a rush to the DEO and they fight to save Supergirl and we are left wondering will she make it?

Christmas morning and Ruby comes down looking for her Mum but who will she find?

The first half of the season while a little bumpy has given us some great episodes and this was one of them, my other favourite is 'Midvale' the Danvers sisters road trip home. As for the new Additions, Katie McGrath move to season regular was a good decision as she seems to light the screen as Lena Luthor who has us all convinced she isn't like the rest of the Luthor clan. However, they seem stuck with her character and James so put them together in a romance that doesn't work for me. Odette Annable has us all liking Samantha Arias and hoping she can be saved as she turns into Reign. While Adrian Pasdar's portrayal of Morgan Edge is a far better evil business tycoon than Maxwell Lord ever was. I am sure we will learn more about his evil intent.
Supergirl returns to the CW on January 15th. I for one can’t wait to see what happens in the latter half of this Season.

So what were your thought's did it Reign for you?

Please post your comments below?

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