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Scorpion - Faire is Foul - Review: "Come Heck or High Water"

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Even nerds can rise to the occasion and be heroes. At least, when their Renaissance Festival is under attack they can.

"Faire is Foul" begins with Cabe and Sly at Cabe's pretrial hearing. Although Sly attempts to argue a motion to dismiss, he gets nervous and sounds like a bumbling idiot, causing the judge to send the case on to trial without blinking. Although Sly's discouraged, Cabe refuses to let him dwell on the trial. After all, today is his 25th birthday and they're all going to the Renaissance Festival to celebrate.

Once at the Festival, Page enjoys the occasion, while Walter annoys her by continually pointing out the historical inaccuracies. Cabe follows Sly around, continuing to try and give him a great birthday. And Happy and Toby decide to "get it on in a hay-loft." While Walter is arguing with King Phillip about the Sword in the Stone, the transformer powering the festival blows up.

When they go to fix the transformer, Scorpion discovers it has been tampered with. Apparently, thieves slipped into the Festival and blew the transformer, so they could kill the power and break into the nearby police evidence warehouse. In the process of breaking into the warehouse, they shoot the guard.

Although the guard is still alive and Scorpion is able to retrieve him (and the piece of evidence the robbers want), he's seriously injured. Without electricity and a working defibrillator, there's only so much Toby can do. Walter's able to build a capacitor to power the defibrillator, which Toby is able to hook the guard up to. This creates a temporary way to keep the guard alive until EMS arrives, who are conveniently delayed because of the backups caused by the outage.

The guard is stable but, the team is faced with another immediate problem. When the thieves don't find their piece of evidence in the warehouse, they're going to figure out the guard took it - and come searching for him. With the help of the remaining festival goers Scorpion might be able to defend the evidence and even stop them. Unfortunately, all of Festival nerds get ready to tuck tail and run at this news.

This leads to Sly giving a rousing speech about the underdogs rising up, which thankfully, convinces most of them to stay. As the thieves comes motoring into the festival, Scorpion is ready for them. One is quickly knocked off his motorcycle with a clothesline and tied up by the Festival goers. The other ends up in a full on sword-fight with Cabe.

As the robber's sword looms above Cabe's head, the injured guard rises up and tries to shoot him. Although this distraction probably saves Cabe's life, the robber is able to take the guard hostage and grab his gun.

Things aren't looking good, but never fear! Walter's got a plan. He has Happy cut the restored electricity, which causes the guard to fall down, as this cuts off his defibrillator. This gives Walter a moment to take down the gun-toting thief. Of course, this leaves the guard with no working defibrillator and no way to survive for long. Thankfully, in a jump of logic I didn't even try to follow, the team is able to use a spinning wheel to temporarily power the defibrillator until the ambulance arrives.

Back at the garage, the team (and Sly's nerd friends) hold an impromptu birthday party for him to make up for the failed day at the Renaissance Festival. Walter continues to try to write a song for Paige, but gives up, throwing the tape under the bed. Toby and Happy decide to pick up where they left off in the hay-loft. After seeing his speech to festival goers, Cabe reassures Sly that he's confident he can defend him.

Random Thoughts:
-Sly is such a sweet character. I'm glad he got his confidence back.

-I'm happy that Paige said what she said about loving Walter despite their differences.

-Best quote goes to Cabe - "I'm not a nerd. I'm a Bladie. And there's a difference."

What did ya'll think of "Faire is Foul?" (Again, I'm sorry I'm behind!) Is there going to be a Quintis baby on the horizon? Is Sly going to be able to win the trial? Let me know below!

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