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Runaways - Tsunami - Review

As you may have noticed, this review looks a bit different from the previous ones. I’m filling in for Milo this week. Now let’s recap what happened in this week’s episode. Pride gathers after Victor’s been shot ( by his wife) to decide what’s next. They are interrupted by Jonah who is insistent that one of them sacrifice themselves to revive Victor, who is apparently vital to his plan. There’s a lot of back and forth here. Eventually, Robert almost sacrifices himself until Tina destroys the pod. Victor will be kept in stasis until he can be revived. Chase is obviously freaked out, so Karolina, Gert, and the dinosaur go over to his place. Molly is now staying with a relative who gives her a letter from her parents that leads her to a videotape. Alex reveals to Nico how he’s connected to Amy, who is not very happy about it. Alex finally gets the footage of Pride decrypted but Chase destroys it before they can use it. 

Character that needs a hug: All of the Runaways have had a rough time lately but Molly especially this week. Despite Gert’s protests last week, Stacey and Dale dropped Molly off with a relative that Molly had never met before. Molly is now the only one of the Runaways without a support system. Sure, all the parents are evil (perhaps with the exception of Frank but the jury is still out on him) but they still love and protect their kids. But Molly’s parents are dead. And I’m guessing she doesn’t feel very loved by the Yorkes’ right now either after they just dumped her. I hope she at least texted Gert at some point during the episode to let her know she was okay. Their sisterly bond is probably one of my favorite relationships on the show. 

Most dragged out scene: I honestly felt that the whole discussion of who the sacrifice would be was dragged out too much. Of course, no one is going to be eager to die, but did it have to take that long. I’m surprised Jonah wasn’t angrier after the pod (is that what that thing is called?) was destroyed. He was so insistent that someone should die to revive Victor, his reaction was so calm. I think he had a way to revive Victor all along and was just using this to send a message to the others that if they disobey him, there will be consequences. 

Character I wanted to punch: I get that finding out your parents have done horrible things isn’t black and white. They’re your parents, you love them, that doesn’t just go away. But I didn’t really agree with Chase’s actions this week. It’s one thing to not want to use the footage until your dad’s life is no longer in Pride’s hands, but destroying the footage was a step too far. He should’ve tried to reason with Alex to not use it YET. Now they’ll never be able to use it (seriously, though, why didn’t he make any copies right away?). Destroying the footage was, in my opinion, not the right move and will probably come back to bite them in the future. 

Least subtle sidekick: First of all, how did no one notice the dinosaur on the roof? Seriously, though. I wonder how this will play out in future episodes (and seasons). You can’t really disguise a dinosaur. Putting a hat on it isn’t going to convince anyone. Plus, for now, it’s still relatively small, but it’s going to grow (I assume). I do really enjoy seeing Gert interact with it. Especially now that Molly isn’t right down the hall, Gert needs all the friends she can get (even if they are green and scaly). Also loved Karolina’s reaction to the dinosaur. No fear, just pure delight (not the reaction I’d have). 
Biggest mystery: There’s a lot we still don’t know about Amy, most importantly how she died. I know her mom is a pretty big suspect but I just don’t see it. Tina was so protective of her husband this week, even after he cheated on her. I can’t imagine that she’d hurt her own daughter. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if it was her dad instead. Nico has always been a bit blind when it comes to her father. Could be that he’s hiding more than just an affair. 

Funniest moment: Am I that old or do teenagers really not know what a videotape is? Molly’s reaction was pretty funny. 

Best quotes: Gert: “Why didn’t you just go straight to his place? … Because you don’t want to be alone with him. Because he kissed you and you don’t like him. You like Nico, who likes Alex. … We should go right away, I’ll drive.” 
Gert: “Well, Frank Dean is our only hope. We are way more screwed than I realized.” 

That’s it for this week. Check in again next week for an all-new review (which should be written by Milo again) and let me know in the comments what you thought of this week’s episode. 

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