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Riverdale - Tales From the Darkside & House of the Devil - Double Review: “Things get uncomfortable”

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This season of Riverdale is pretty unpredictable: I don’t perceive a clear direction and in comparison with season 1, the show is losing credibility. I didn’t hate the latest two episodes, but as Veronica and Archie said with their Mad World’s version: “when people run in circles, it’s a very very mad world”.

Let’s summarize what happened. In the first episode which is called Tales From the Darkside, we have a singular, but interesting episode’s direction. It is divided in sections and we learn something new in each part of the episode. The main events are connected with Betty’s suspicions that Sheriff Keller is Black Hood. With the help of Veronica, they find out that he is having an affair with the mayor. The most interesting storyline revolves around Cheryl and Josie. The young Blossoms has a new obsession and she wants Josie just for her. Am I the only one who is perceiving some sexual tension here?

The second episode which is called House of the Devil, it’s tenser and full of unexpected twists. Archie says to Veronica that he loves her, but she is unable to say it back. F.P. comes out of prison and he wants to start again. This good purpose doesn’t last and it’s Jughead’s fault: he can’t retire, his son has created too many problems and he has to save him. We have an insight at Alice Cooper’s wild side: she confronts F.P. that invites her at his retirement party. I loved how they are starting to show a new side of this character, but then the worst moment of the episode happened: Betty stripped on stage. In the most WTF scene of the TV show so far, Betty wants to be part of Southside Serpents with a pole dance. It just doesn’t make sense. In the meantime, Alice is not capable of taking her daughter away from the club with her. Betty stays and breaks up with Jug. Ronny breaks up with Archie and the ending speaks loudly: Archie and Betty look at each other through their windows and something is up. Will the famous love triangle start?

I didn’t hate or love these latest two episodes. There are too many crazy moments and filler storylines. I strongly believe that Riverdale was perfect in the 13-episodes format, and the writers aren’t dealing properly with a longer format. I hope they will find a proper direction because the show has much potential, and if they give more space to minor characters like they are giving it to Josie, the show could live to its full potential.

And you? What do you think of Tales From the Darkside and House of the Devil?

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