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Mom - An Epi-Pen and a Security Cat - Review: "Let's Hit the Bricks!"

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The holidays can be difficult. Although for Bonnie and Christy, this year's looking up. Bonnie's got a ring on her finger. ("And to them, I say, 'BA-BAM!'") Christy actually knows where she is this year, unlike Christmas five years ago.

Things take a turn for the worst when the girls get home from their meeting though. Their house has been robbed and the thief isn't even gone yet. (He skates out the backdoor as they walk in.) Among the stolen items is Christy's laptop, which has her term paper on it. Although they call the cops, they're told there isn't much hope of getting the stolen items back. ("You want hope or the truth?") And, in Bonnie's words, "I don't get the feeling we're the cold case those two are going to carry to their graves."

That night, Christy and Bonnie bunk up in the same bed, both still too shaken up to be alone. As they try to go to sleep, Bonnie admits that she robbed a house before she got clean. (Along with the traditional valuables, she stole an Epi-Pen, which "just made me run fast.")

The next day at the diner, Christy talks with Wendy and Marjorie about the robbery. Wendy suggests a dog, which Christy doesn't think would be a good idea. ("No thanks. My mom's barely housebroken.") Marjorie, so surprisingly, suggests a cat. ("Mine freak out when a stranger comes to the door. You should see my mailman's ankles.") While Christy is showing Marjorie the webcams she's installed (and discovering via webcam that apparently Bonnie's been stealing her underwear), Wendy finds Christy's laptop on Craigslist.

When the cops fail to do anything, Christy messages the seller and her, Bonnie, Wendy, and Marjorie take off to retrieve the laptop and confront the thief. Upon arriving at the thief's address, they get the surprise of a lifetime. Standing in the doorway is their elderly friend from AA, Mary.

Although they first freak and say they're visiting to sing Christmas carols, Marjorie eventually explains what's going on and asks if anyone lives with Mary who could have done it. The only other person living with Mary is her grandson Todd. Although it seems likely that Todd did it, Mary, understandably, refuses to believe it, (She's always thought Todd was a great kid.) and demands they leave.

At a meeting later, Christy finds out that another of their AA friends has been robbed and the girls start to piece together the situation. Todd's been hanging around his grandmother's AA meetings and following people home to find places to rob.

Right after this, a very embarrassed Mary comes in carrying a bag of valuables. As much as she didn't want to believe it, she went through Todd's room and found the stolen items (including Christy's laptop), which she's come to return. Extremely ashamed of her grandson's actions, Mary refuses to stay for the meeting.

A week later, Mary still hasn't been back to any meetings, so Christy and Bonnie go to check on her. She's still too embarrassed, deeply depressed, and doesn't seem to think it would be a good idea for her to return to meetings after what her grandson did. Bonnie and Christy assure her that her sobriety is the most important thing and that they want her back. They start by holding an impromptu meeting in her living room.

Finally, Bonnie visits a random house and stops the woman living there. Bonnie asks if she was living there nine years ago, and when she says yes, she admits to robbing her house and asks to make amends, which leads to Bonnie emptying her bank account to repay her.

Random Thoughts:
-Bonnie goes through people's mail. Yep, that sounds about right.

-I missed our weekly Jill cameo!

-Christy thinking that Bonnie stole the earrings that were really her Christmas present was pretty funny.

-I really love Marjorie. The fact that she's still taking the time to help her friends solve their problems even with all that's going on in her life is pretty amazing.

-Best quotes are a tie between Mary ("It was recently brought to my attention that my holiday letter was a bit of a bummer... I understand telling everyone that my daughter was in jail, that my brother got evicted, and that my pink eye came back was not exactly holiday cheer, but it is what happened. And I did make it rhyme.") and Christy, after seeing Bonnie on the webcam ("I live with Homer Simpson.")

Have you ever had a Christmastime dilemma as bad as the Plunkett's? Were you surprised that Bonnie made amends? Let me know below!

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