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Black Mirror - Season 4 - Open Discussion + POLL

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Season 4 of Black Mirror is streaming on Netflix now.

I thought it could be interesting to do individual polls for the 6 installments of Season 4 instead of an entire season one. Let me know below if you like this idea, or would rather prefer a normal poll for the entire season (which I will include just for your convenience). Hopefully, it's not too many polls, which I do apologize in advance for if it is.

If you'd like to label your comments below with the specific episode title to reduce confusion and to allow people to read and comment on each episode without needing to see the entire season as well as to not see an accidental spoiler, that'd be helpful. If not, no problem, feel free to comment below in whichever way you like, just be careful of scrolling below, some may lump all episodes into one gigantic comment or keep them separate. Happy watching, come back whenever you finish an episode and share your thoughts below.

Here's a list of the viewing order suggested, if you want it, but it's not required.

USS Callister



Hang the DJ


Black Museum

Season 4

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