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American Housewife - The Couple - Review: "The Donner Party, Flesh Eating Super-viruses, and Dandelions"

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"Couples with kids are so boring." That seems to be the central problem in this week's American Housewife.

While at Taste of Westport Katie and Greg admonish the fact that all the couples they're friends with are extremely boring. All they talk about are things to do with their kids. Unfortunately, Katie and Greg realize they qualify as well. They have "no life outside of [their] kids."

When they run into a childless couple who they both hit it off with, they jump at the opportunity to make new friends. The only problem? "Couples without kids hate couples with kids." So, Katie and Greg resolve to temporarily "hide the truth" about their three monsters.

This leads to them experiencing new things with their childless friends Courtney and Zach - like going out to dinner on a school night. They even stay at the bar till after midnight! ("We saw 12:45!")

Meanwhile, Taylor's been left in charge. She's got a lot riding on this gig. She can only go to a concert with her friends if she can get through watching her siblings with "no more disasters." Of course, Oliver and Anna-Kat both see this as a chance to take advantage of her. He threatens to break his pinkie unless she "does what Mom and Dad refuse to do. Drive me past the biggest houses in Westport, slowly, while I look up their value on Zillow."

Anna-Kat, on the other hand, has much bigger plans. She's been saving "some baby teeth just for this situation." Unless Taylor and Oliver write her story for her for the kids' literary festival, she's going to tell Katie and Greg that they let her jump off the counter and she knocked out a tooth. (Note - I really think Anna-Kat might be a future super-villain!)

The following day, as Taylor and Oliver struggle to fit Anna-Kat's very strange demands into her story, Katie and Greg get an invitation from their friends to go to their ski lodge in New Hampshire over night. Although it's the night of Anna-Kat's literary festival, they ultimately decide they can bribe her with ice cream and extra toppings. (So you're saying for the price of a couple of crumbled up Oreos, we can reclaim our lives?")

Katie and Greg happily jump in the car and jet out of town. Only, we find out they didn't make it any further than the highway as the scene flashes to them at Anna-Kat's literary festival. Although they're ready to pull their hair out, they realize they've done the right thing by staying. (Even if that means having to be witnesses to Anna-Kat's super creepy murder/zombie/death story.)

Finally, Katie and Greg get up the nerve to tell their friends the truth about their kids. The problem, however, solves itself. Courtney and Zach are expecting!

Random Thoughts:
-I loved Doris's little appearance to steal Katie's food at Taste of Westport.

-Katie never needs to be on Survivor!

-Favorite quote goes to Anna-Kat when she's talking to Oliver and Taylor - "And you're gonna help her because she's kind of stupid." (Even though I was rolling around laughing at this, I'm seriously concerned this kid is kind of evil!)

Do you think we've seen the last of Courtney and Zach? Is Anna-Kat going to keep manipulating her older siblings? Let me know what you think below!

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