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Z Nation - Crisis of Faith - Review

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The team arrives in Canada and, as we've come to expect from Z Nation, the Canadian stereotypes are exaggerated and forced unto in us in a hilarious sequence of events to open the episode.

'Crisis of Faith' overall was a mixture of old and new. The serious tone that defined much of the first half of this season made up most of the episode, but there were still the silly gags that remind us this show is not just another retread of The Walking Dead.

The humour and dramatic elements mixed well together in 'Crisis of Faith.' Some would argue that the silly humour has reached well beyond its expiry date, especially since this season feels like such a refresh, but it is part of the Z Nation brand, deal with it. As long as the humour doesn't wear out its welcome for too long like it did last week, but sprinkled throughout the episode, then that's a positive.

Amidst the Canadian stereotypical jokes and the nuns, the rest of the humour lay in some classic character interactions like Doc and Sarge singing 'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,' and Murphy and Doc completing 10K's sentence with lyrics from 'Stuck in the Middle with You.' Whoever the writer was of 'Crisis of Faith' they sure love their pop culture.

There was also a moment where Murphy locked the choir boy in the same pew as the priest before going back and separating them. I don't know if this was just him being OCD or if this was making a joke on pedophilia among priests, but it was a funny moment nonetheless.

As far as the dramatic elements go, they did drag in parts, but Louis' talk on faith and hope served its purpose of validifying Warren's quest to go East, thus changing the direction of where the team goes for the 90th time this season. Let's hope this is final as the back and forth decisions week in, week out have become monotonous.

Kaya also made a surprise return to kick off the season and she was noticeably less annoying than I remember her being. It is revealed that Zona have come as far as Camp Northern Light, but still no Simon, thankfully. Kaya sends out a radio signal for help to Operation Bite Mark, but to no avail.

'Crisis in Faith' was the second consecutive filler episode following Lucy's death, though this time the humour actually worked making the episode just watchable enough.

There is still no sign of Addy, Red, Sun Mei, and Citizen Z. The latter two I could not care about, but I hope soon we see those characters and the plot gets moving as there have been just too many questions and no answers. Meanwhile, the filler episodes have begun to pile on, and it looks like next week we will see another one.

'Crisis in Faith' was nowhere near, but it was a mildly fun time spent with Operation Bite Mark.


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