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The Big Bang Theory - The Tesla Recoil - Review: "Shady Scientists"

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It's that special time of the week where we dive into a brand new episode of The Big Bang Theory! I'm excited, but not as much as the gang is to watch a documentary on the feud between Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison! Except Penny. She'd rather be doing anything else. Besides, she doesn't need to watch it when she already knows that Tesla invented the electric car.

At least she had the confidence to make that statement. Sheldon clarifies, and Penny doesn't let his smugness go unnoticed. She proceeds to remind him that he thought IT was about scary IT guys.

I'm never letting an IT guy into my house again if there's a chance Pennywise will show up at the door.

The guys, very heated about the topic, explain why they prefers Tesla over Edison. For starters, Edison was a bully, and electrocuted an elephant in his pursuit of fame. Tesla, on the other hand, invented our modern day electrical supply system. Amy's turned on by Sheldon's passion. Also, apparently Edison is a pornographer given he filmed the first on-screen kiss, which Wikipedia won't allow Sheldon to post on their website.

Her electrical current is alternating at rapier-like speed!

The next day, Penny admits to having enjoyed the Tesla/Edison documentary. Leonard jokes that they should've made it about Samuel Morris given that they telegraphed the ending. Penny laughs... and laughs and laughs.

What a wife.

Sheldon walks in and asks if Leonard can drive him to work. Leonard agrees, and asks if he'd like to join the guys in seeing the Tesla Coil later that night. Sadly, Sheldon won't be able to make it.

Penny can't understand why Leonard is harping on the reasoning behind Sheldon not coming. In her eyes, it should've ended at Sheldon can't come. After a few moments, Leonard realizes Sheldon is still working for the military - on their project. Turns out they re-hired Sheldon. Uh oh. Do we have a Shady Sheldon on our hands?

At Bernadette and Howard's, Bernie's still on bedrest when Ruchi and Raj drop by with flowers! Ruchi says they're from everyone at work, but Bernadette sees right through it. They tell Bernie to rest up, Raj reminding her that her uterus has become the star of the show.

And with that, the pair is quickly escorted... or yelled at... to leave. Once they're gone, Bernie's competitive alter-ego claws come out. She thinks Ruchi told her to rest so that she could take over her job!

Howard thinks she's crazy, and feels confident saying so because of his safe distance from the bed. Bernadette threatens to blind him with the card envelope she's holding. You don't mess with a woman in love (with her job)!

At the university, Leonard and Howard are freaking out over Sheldon restarting his work with the military, on the project all of them created. They decide to video call Colonel Williams to ask if it's true, as Sheldon wouldn't budge. Colonel Williams reveals Sheldon's work.

Oh snap! The colonel continues, saying that he was interested in Sheldon's ideas given he was the original team leader. The friends refute this, saying they all played a big role in the project. The colonel shuts that down pretty quickly.

The truth comes out when you're talking to this face.

Back at Bernadette and Howard's, Bernie has summoned Raj. She wants him to find out if Ruchi is trying to steal her job. Raj is doubtful. Bernie admits to feeling vulnerable on bed rest, and pleads with Raj. He gives in, asking what she'll do if she finds out what she's suspecting is true.

Something something benefit of the company, something something.

Raj can't see past Bernie's tone, either. The speech put his testicles into hiding.

At Amy and Sheldon's, the two are trying to figure out what movie to watch. Drama and comedy are out, given Sheldon's already laughed, and seen someone cry today. Amy, when she stubbed her toe.

Leonard and Howard barge in, demanding answers on Sheldon's involvement in the military. Amy's shocked. Sheldon's communication system was based on THEIR guidance system!

Sheldon tries to defend himself. The guys compare him to Edison, and themselves to Tesla.

They might be shaking in their boots, just a lil' bit. They storm out, and Sheldon is appalled by the comparison. Amy agrees with them - taking credit for the group's idea was Edison-esque. Sheldon leaves to Google information on Mrs. Edison to make Amy feel worse. Where's that parenting book?!

Later, Sheldon is still upset about the confrontation. Amy continues to side with the guys. Sheldon doesn't think she'd like it if she was compared to a neuroscientist she isn't fond of.

He doesn't know any, besides Amy. She thinks the real reason he's angry is because he realizes his friends are upset.

Sheldon's small heart grew three sizes that day. Maybe next week he'll discover the true meaning of Christmas, too!

Just one problem - he considers being caring as a flaw.

There there, Amy. You tried.

That night, Ruchi and Raj have just completed their friends-with-benefits duties. Raj tries to keep it casual.

Her face says it all. He changes the subject, asking how work's going. Ruchi's over the moon - now that Bernadette's away, she gets to do all of her projects! Yikes! Raj reminds her that Bernie will be back at work soon... Ruchi hopes it won't be too soon.

This isn't going to go over well.

Raj is at Penny and Leonard's, explaining his predicament. Penny is adamant that Raj tell Bernadette what Ruchi said, and that they stop sleeping together.

Something tells me Penny's instructions went right through one ear and out the other.

At the lab, Leonard mentions an alternate way Sheldon could've created the communication system. Howard falls in love with his idea, and says they should take it to the military. Leonard wants to tell Sheldon!

Or... not. Howard reminds his pal that they're going to do this behind Sheldon's back, like he did. Where's the sun? I can't find it in all of this SHADE.

Raj shows up at Bernadette's bedside and tells her that her suspicions have been confirmed. Before she can throw a fit, Raj asks her to reevaluate herself and her actions in the past, which are eerily similar to Ruchi's. Including telling a co-worker, Eric, to bring his cat to work while knowing their boss is allergic.

My question is, why doesn't every company have a take your pet to work day? Actually, I know why. My kitten would wreak havoc within seconds. Oh yeah, and she'd destroy the place, too.

Raj calls Bernadette a hypocrite with luscious hair, and leaves.

Mirror mirror on the... iPhone... who's the shadiest of them all?

Kripke is helping Leonard and Howard with math calculations when Sheldon drops by. Howard explains what they're doing, and Kripke is all the more onboard! Sheldon confidently states that the military is already interested in his system, and that Kripke's calculations have a gap in them.

A gap about the size of Sheldon's arm, which just acted as an eraser.

In bed, Ruchi says Bernadette hasn't been answering any of her texts. Raj says Bernie feels threatened, but that he stood up for her. Ruchi replies that she doesn't need Raj to defend her, given they're not a couple. Raj corrects her, stating that sleeping together means they're in some sort of relationship.

Or not. Bernadette's sad, for a myriad of reasons.

At lunch, Leonard and Howard are discussing their excitement towards their improved communication system. Sheldon congratulates them on the military choosing their project over his. They're confused, given they've yet to pitch it to Colonel Williams. Wait a minute...

That Krazy Kripke!

Sheldon, Leonard and Howard are still reeling over Kripke's sneakiness. Amy says they all did something wrong in this situation. Sheldon attacks her social skills. Penny, in a moment of kindness, suggests that they're all Teslas given they were screwed over, but came up with good ideas. The guys don't disagree. Although, Leonard points out, Tesla died poor and insane, and fell in love with a pigeon. Sheldon tells Penny she should be locked up now, given Leonard's stature.

I really liked the concept behind this week's episode - despite it involving the pals turning against one another. I mean, I for one loved the educational value; Tesla and a pigeon, who would've known? Everyone learned a valuable lesson in working together, and not taking over people's jobs. Although, I think if Howard was ever invited on another space expedition, he'd send Sheldon in his place. With the hopes he'd take up residency in an alien-owned hostel.

Down below, let me know if you're #TeamTesla or #TeamEdison, if you think Ruchi will be successful in booting Bernie out of her job, and if you own a pet (and would love to take it to work)!

Catch The Big Bang Theory Thursday Nights on CBS.

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