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The Big Bang Theory - The Proton Regeneration - Review: "Reboot Gone Awry"

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For those of you hoping Bernadette & Howard would crank out more kids after this pregnancy, bad news - Howard's getting a vasectomy and is preparing by eating as much as he can before he has to fast.

Raj is also indulging, out of stress.

Turns out Howard's been bracing himself for the procedure, including having watched tons of videos on "vasectomies gone wrong". One involved a... cantaloupe. Or what they thought was a cantaloupe. Suddenly, like Howard, i'm no longer hungry.

In the midst of the excitement surrounding Howard, Sheldon announces that Professor Proton's TV show will be returning to television. Just one problem, though - the dude's dead. Raj suggests Meryl Streep play the role!

I'd love to see Ellen DeGeneres send Raj to a red carpet and have him interview celebs. He'd be a total fanboy.

Amy likes the idea of having a female take over, and Sheldon shoots it down immediately. Wait a minute, why doesn't HE audition?! He does wants to touch children... everywhere. Wow, this opening has been strange, to say the least.

At the hospital, Bernie, Howard and Raj are all waiting for Howard to be called back for the vasectomy. A man, seeming to be in copious amounts of pain, hobbles by with a nurse.

Reassuring. Bernie tries to get her husband to calm down, to no avail. Finally, the nurse calls Howard back - and he walks in the other direction. Poor guy. More importantly, poor Raj, who looks worried sick!

At Amy and Sheldon's, the couple are about to record Sheldon's audition tape for the Professor Proton remake. Sheldon's been busy practicing his many facial expressions. This one's my fave:

Enraged. To have on hand, just in case. Amy begins recording Sheldon, and he says he'll be teaching kids at home how to measure the mass of an electron using none other than 50 micron thick cobalt 60-wire. Before he can continue, Amy asks if Sheldon has any other experiments up his sleeve that won't kill viewers.

I'll take "No" for $1400, Alex.

Good news - Howard survived the vasectomy!

Barely. Bernadette leaves to check on Halley, and Raj says he has to inspect the area for redness and swelling. The pain must be excruciating, because Howie gives in.

Later, Sheldon is excitedly showing his audition video to Penny and Leonard.

They're fascinated. You may be wondering what Sheldon's teaching the young minds of today.

I am too. Once it's finished, Amy asks their friends to give their honest opinion, because she's already tried. They say it looks like he's having fun - which, at first he takes as a compliment, but then remembers that's what he used to tell Penny after watching her bad plays. Leonard receives the brunt of Penny's anger towards that comment.

Penny suggests Sheldon get into character, and act like he likes kids, performing something that would appeal more to them. He'll need a professional actor to show him the ropes, and Penny naturally volunteers. Oh dear, he's looking for someone else.

C'mon. We all knew he would say that. Well, everyone except Penny.

The next shot is of Sheldon at Wil Wheaton's door, asking for Patrick Stewart's number to see if he can coach him.

Sheldon sighs, and agrees to let Wil be his coach. Lucky guy!

At the Vasectomy Recovery Centre (AKA Bernie and Howard's), Howard's found a new way to get his wife's attention while stuck in bed!

Ring A-ling! Bernadette confiscates his phone, and says she'll be home later with Chinese food. Howard wants BBQ.

He'll have whatever she has.

Later, Leonard, Penny and Amy discover that the new Professor Proton has been cast. Wil. Wheaton. The three scurry back down the stairs of the apartment building, making a mad dash away from the wrath of Sheldon Lee Cooper.

At Bernie and Howard's, Howard walks out of the bathroom to see his wife in bed. Turns out she's been put on bedrest by her doctor for overdoing it. Looks like baby Hallie will be left to fend for herself until her dad recovers.

That night, Sheldon dreams of a meeting with Professor Proton, AKA Arthur. He confesses his displeasure towards Wil Wheaton, and Arthur confesses his frustration over Sheldon forcing him to attend meetings in an imaginary forest.

Arthur says he doesn't care about his legacy, and Sheldon won't take that as an answer. He's determined to make things right.

Penny shows up at Bernadette and Howard's, and offers to watch Halley for the day. The two look for anyone else who'd be able to come, avoiding Penny at all costs.

She assures them that she can take care of their child, and eventually they give in. Penny's totally qualified! She used to care for the pigs on her family's farm before they'd be slaughtered. If you're looking for a happy ending to that story, there is none.

At the university cafeteria, Sheldon's still salty about Wil playing Professor Proton. To make matters worse, all of the comments online are kind and supportive. Leonard reminds his pal that what's important is that the show's coming back, period. Apparently, Sheldon only cared about the reboot when he, specifically, could be involved in doing Arthur and the original justice. Leonard and Raj are at a loss.

Bernadette and Howard are resting in bed, enjoying their solitude. Wait, things seem a little too quiet. They summon Penny, who says she dipped Halley's pacifier in Bourbon to help her sleep. Just kidding!

Or so they hope.

Sheldon shows up at Wil Wheaton's house and tries to convince him to turn down the role. He won't budge. Sheldon believes the show shouldn't be rebooted - to which Wil replies that he'll use his abilities to create a show kids today will grow up loving; the legacy of getting kids interested in science will continue. Sheldon doesn't buy his act.

Sheldon gives him one more chance to turn down the role, or else he won't be Wil's friend anymore.

Not Sheldon's gravest threat.

Meanwhile, Amy's stopped by to see how Penny's doing with Halley! Penny sees right through why she's there - turns out everyone asked her to stop by. Penny's offended, but let's be real, it's probably for the best.

Bernadette and Howard are hungry, and ring the 'bell' to get Penny's attention. She arrives, flustered and angry. The couple admit to not trusting Penny. Halley starts to cry, and Penny leaves to change her diaper. While with Halley, Bernadette and Howard can hear Penny talking through the baby monitor. In a surprising turn of events, they hear Halley speak, too!

Halley's, deep, growling, Bubbie Wolowitz sounding voice has just projected her first word, mama, to Penny. Penny, speaking to Bernadette through the baby monitor, says she can't wait to bring Halley over and rub it in her face.

The episode concludes with Sheldon back in the enchanted, dreamy forest with Arthur. He apologizes to his inspiration for not being able to pull the plug on the reboot. He also says Wil Wheaton is now on his 'enemies list', where he is eternally cut off from communication with Sheldon. Arthur inquires about getting on the list.

And they all lived happily ever after.

What a fun episode this was! And I mean fun in the sincerest way possible, given the different meanings behind the adjective brought to light in these last few minutes. It would've been really neat to see Sheldon play the role of Professor Proton; to be honest, that's how I predicted things turning out. I'm sure we'll get updates on how Wil's doing, and Sheldon, without a doubt, will play a part in the production. Who knows, Wil could inspire Halley and her little brother to pursue careers in science! In which case Sheldon would be having nightly meetings with Arthur in an imaginary deli to vent his frustration. Here's hoping imaginary Arthur's not watching his weight!

Down below let me know who, out of the main cast of the show, you would've most liked to see play the role of Professor Proton, what you think of Halley's... delightful... voice, and if you really do believe Penny might've put Bourbon on her pacifier!

Catch The Big Bang Theory Thursday Nights on CBS.

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