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Supergirl - The Faithful - Review: Blind Faith

Supergirl 3x04

Written by Paula Yoo & Katie Rose Rogers

Directed by Jesse Warn

This week’s Supergirl was a question of faith. Supergirl has been very busy since she donned her cape so it’s no surprise some people think of her as a god as she has saved them from certain death. One takes it to an extreme and worse still convinces others forming a cult so to speak. This is troubling as these things never end well.
With Chad Lowe guest starring as the leader I certainly felt it would be entertaining, however, I think it gave us more than we could have hoped for even teaching Supergirl something, who seems to be having her own crisis of faith of late.

We kick this off with a drunken guy on a flight who seems to have a tone of troubles which of course get worse when the plane looks like it’s going to crash, however, it doesn’t and when we see Alex you click this is Kara’s first save and which leads to her being Supergirl. Our drunken guy is saved and he looks out and see's a girl fly off.

Back to the present and Samantha is juggling watching her daughter Ruby at a soccer match and running L - Corp from the sidelines. A woman approaches saying Ruby is special and gives Samantha a leaflet with an interesting symbol on the front.

At L Crop Kara arrives with Lena and Samantha rushes in apologizing for being late as she was at Ruby’s game the leaflet falls out when she pulls out her laptop and of course Kara notices it. Samantha tells them about the Woman at the football match.

At Catco and Winn and James are at a loose end, seems no crime to fight. They notice Kara is still there and when she tells them of her plans to go to the place mentioned in the leaflet, The symbol on the front of it means Rao the Kryptonian god.The boys say they are coming, of course, she doesn’t need back up, so I found this a bit pointless I guess they were just bored.

Arriving at the meet up mentioned in the leaflet they speak to others but as the apparent leader speaks calling them all followers of Rao (Kryptonian god) We see it’s our drunken friend from the plane two years previous clearly sober and like the others there owing his salvation to Supergirl. When James asks does she recognize them Kara says she remembers them all. She flashes back to her mother leading her in prayer to Rao. As the leader prays the boys feel uneasy saying it seems like some sort of cult, Kara realizes they are worshipping Supergirl.

At the DEO Winn joins the dots as Kara can’t remember saving the leader, Thomas Coville is his name. Winn traces him back to flight 237, Alex’s flight, the save that started it all for Kara.

At Kara’s apartment, its girl’s night and Lena is telling what seems to be an embarrassing story. Kara reveals she is getting over someone to Samantha and Alex seems uncomfortable when once again kids are mentioned. They all agree to be Aunts to Ruby which touches Samantha. Hearing sirens in the distance Kara makes an excuse to leave.

Arriving as Supergirl at a burning building she just saves a guy in time, he wanted to be saved putting his faith in her. Turns out he started the fire on purpose knowing Supergirl would save him. As the police and Maggie arrive, (I guess girls night ended when Kara went for ice and never came back) Maggie tells Supergirl she can’t arrest the leader of the religious group, Coville until he breaks the law as there no proof the guy didn’t act on his own will.

Samantha and Ruby are in the L Corp office Samantha is clearly busy, but all Ruby wants is to practice her song with her mother. Samantha gets called away when there is trouble with the merger caused by Morgan Edge. Again, he is featured in the background, but we haven’t seen him since the first episode of the series.

Kara goes back to the community center where she went to meet the group and confronts Coville, but he sees through her glasses that she is Supergirl and thinks it’s a test of his faith. She orders him to cease. He gives her a Kryptonian artifact but as she leaves he has something much larger hidden.

Samantha finishes her work but as she arrives back Ruby is asleep on the couch, Lena arrives to congratulate her for saving the merger, but Samantha confesses she feels like the worst Mum. Lena knows a thing or two about bad mums and tells Samantha she is showing her daughter how much of a bad ass she is.

Kara is on the balcony at Catco and James comes to her. She tells him about Coville and he confides to her the first time Superman saved him. I like the fact these two are back to being friend’s again after a rocky patch last year. She hasn’t shut her friends out this season with talking with Winn the other week and now James. She shows him the artifact and it plays a hologram. Kara rushes off to the DEO as she recognizes this recording was sent out in a probe.

At the DEO, Kara asks Winn to look for a certain energy signature, seems the probe was powered by a Betahedron (similar to the Omegahedron but smaller). Unfortunately, it's deteriorating and to make matters worse it’s not at the community center but in a stadium full of hockey fans.

Coville believes Supergirl will save them all but in a twist, it seems the probe holds some Kryptonite. Supergirl shows them all she can bleed and while the others run Coville tries to disarm the probe, but it won’t work. Luckily Alex arrives but it’s impossible to evacuate the stadium in time. She finds Supergirl and gets a capsule out the probe containing Kryptonian soil and kryptonite. However, Supergirl is too weak to fly it out of there but she manages to use her laser vision to burn a hole in the ground deep enough to contain the probes explosion. Coville doesn't appear all bad and helps Alex shove the probe in the hole.

Later Kara visits Coville in prison. He tells her he will keep her secret and still believes she is a savior but can sense she has lost her way.

Samantha, Lena, Kara, and Alex go to the school to see Ruby sing quite an appropriate song given the subject matter 'A world of pure Imagination' from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. As the song comes to an end Alex runs out, Kara follows, and Alex confesses she does want kids, but Maggie won’t change her mind. As she sobs in Kara's arms she tells her she loves Maggie but can't imagine a future with no children in it.
As the haunting song Hallelujah plays in the background Kara is praying with the hologram of her mother, J’onn prays with his father, Alex climbs into bed with Maggie and weeps. Coville is in his cell praying.

Samantha runs her bath but has a shock as she looks in the mirror to see her face is covered in symbols and a voice and then figure appears saying:
‘From Rao’s fire, she is born’
‘One day soon you will Reign’
Ruby sees her mum huddled on the floor but now Samantha sees no symbols.

The episode isn't done with us yet another shocker is revealed as we go back 22 hours to the explosion, remember the ship we saw in the rocks in the first episode well it seems to come online after being shaken by the blast before it cuts off we see a hand shape appear.

This weeks episode was all about faith and worship. It's not impossible to believe Supergirl will have inspired a type of religious belief in those she has saved. The woman clearly approaches Samantha knowing Ruby had been saved by Supergirl. Speaking of Samantha this week we get a glimpse at what may be starting to happen with her character, one we are growing to like. I feel this is purposely done as it will be harder to deal with the fact she will become Reign. Her costume was revealed this week’s, so it appears it will happen sooner than we thought.
Like I mentioned at the beginning this episode surprised me with its depth and gave us a lot to think about. Blind faith turns to the point of becoming dangerous willing to kill or in this case endanger others to prove your beliefs are real. Another focal point was interactions between certain characters and the girls night was a lovely touch. The Danvers sister working together and once again being there for each other sensing when things are not right with the other. This week it was Kara's turn to be there for Alex and our collective hearts broke as Alex confessed how much she wants a family. Chyler Leigh once again not leaving a dry eye as we all moan a little for the upcoming end of this relationship we have seen onscreen.
As for our heroine, she isn't back to her sunny self, we are seeing her a little more raw of late. Kara praying near the end shows Coville was right she is feeling a little lost despite all her saves she herself needs saving at the moment.

So what were your thoughts on this weeks episode?

Any ideas what or who is on the ship?

Please post below in the comments


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