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Supergirl - Damage - Review: The damage is done

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Supergirl 305

Written by Eric Carrasco & Cindy Lichtman
Directed by Kevin Smith

This week it's all about the damage that may have been caused by Lena's lead device and the damage two separate views have on a relationship. It spells the end of one of the most talked about relationships on Supergirl. Fans hoped for a happy ending but sadly due to circumstances, the relationship had to be written to a close.
I am thankful we had no death or suddenly moving away as that wouldn’t have done the characters or the relationship justice. Executive Producers and the Actresses’ themselves have spoken about how hard it was not only to film but to see them come to end.In the show Alex’s desire to have children while Maggie didn’t bring's them to an impasse. I heard Kevin Smith choose to film the whole scene in one day , This giving it a very raw edge and applause to both Chyler and Floriana.
The other story is the Damage that Lena may have caused, of course, this has been orchestrated by Morgan Edge and I do believe his hatred for Lena isn’t all about Catco but something deeper.
As well as damage to a relationship and Lena's integrity we see some good come out of the events. The friendship between Kara and Lena getting stronger and Samantha added to the mix, knowing what we know this will make it difficult when she does turn into her true nature.
While the tissues are surely needed we get to see all the ladies of the show shine in their respective roles this week making it one of the better episodes this season.

While the season start has been a slow burn this episode certainly starts with a punch as Supergirl and Alex foil a prison bus escape. You certainly wouldn't mess with the Danvers sisters and nice to see them working together again. Kara knows Alex has a lot on her mind though when she tells Kara she is doing it tomorrow.

The following day starts off with Samantha dropping her daughter Ruby off at school, but she soon has to help when one of Ruby’s friends appears to have a fit.

At Catco James and Lena seem to be butting heads about how to run CatCo. Kara arrives but the news on the TV stop any further conversation from happening. Morgan Edge is back and at Lena’s Children’s hospital where he claims she has poisoned them with her lead bomb. We all remember that the one that got rid of the Daxamite Invasion.

Looks like Alex has been pulling a night shift as she just gets home and her and Maggie start talking seems they are still at an impasse regarding the subject of children. Maggie says Alex will have to say it to which she says, “We can’t be together anymore.”

At Lena’s Children’s hospital, Kara and Lena meet Samantha who was there due to Ruby’s friend becoming ill earlier. Of course, Edge soon appears seeming positively smug Lena is to blame.

At Catco James, Lena, Samantha, and Kara try to convince Lena they don’t know for sure she is to blame. James suggests she steps down from Catco so to not appear biased in their reporting and Lena suggests she does the same at L Corp so not to be accused of tampering with the testing of the devices.
She states she wants to hold a press conference but an angry father bursts into offices blaming her before security gets to him.

The press conference looks more like an angry mob with them all quick to blame Lena. How quickly they forget she was the one who saved them all. Kara spots the angry father from earlier and hears a click, but he only has a phone in his pocket. Shots are fired at Lena and James is hit saving her. Nice bullet catch by Kara too. Security gets the shooter and angry mother whose son is in a critical condition.

At the DEO James says he can sympathize with the mother and once again seems to be anti-Luthor. Winn and Kara test the device again but there is roughly a 10% chance it might be the cause.

Samantha puts Lena up at her place, but I do see a flicker in her eyes when Lena says would she be as hospitable if Ruby was sick.

At Alex's apartment, Maggie is packing up her stuff and drinking what looks to be one of the gifts they received she changes the song playing and her and Alex dance, soon ending up in bed.

Kara arrives at Samantha’s to a very drunk Lena who clearly is blaming herself for the current mess she even manages to get in a reference to Flint Michigan and says her name might as well be Bin Laden... I think the writers could have done better on the last reference. I was like she didn’t just say that.
In her universe, Luthor is a bad name.

When Samantha arrives later, Lena is asleep on the couch. Kara is still there watching over her. Samantha has been doing some digging as none of the kids seem to be from same areas. As Samantha points out you would expect this type of contamination to be more contained to a certain area. They cross-reference the bank records of the children’s families seems they visited a food truck which was at a festival in the park. Kara and Samantha decide to check it out as there may be a source for the poisoning there.

Maggie and Alex seem to have had break up sex. As they talk you can tell neither one of them wants to say goodbye, but Alex tells Maggie her reasons.

'Lena’s Angels' Samantha and Kara are on the case and happen to notice a swimming pool in the park, of course, it is closed but to Kara, she opens it explaining it was a stuck hinge. Sure, they are going to leave a pool open at night.
Samantha and Kara talk about going swimming as children and learn they are both adopted. Kara uses her x-ray vision on the pool and notices something in the water. Using a nifty device courtesy of Winn, she sends him a sample of the water. It has a chemical compound similar to lead. They find a cupboard full of the chlorine like compound and calls Lena to tell her. Lena recognizes the company name on the product but doesn’t let Kara know.

Lena confront's Morgan Edge at his offices, the company she remembers is one he owns, soon she is pointing a gun at Edge. A weak plot point in my opinion as Lena is smarter than to go there and just murder him. Yes, she is angry but really??
Anyway, his bodyguard or shady companion of the week knocks her out and she wakes up on a cargo plane with…. you guessed it barrels of the chemical.

Interesting to note the DEO gets notified of an unidentified plane in their airspace. Lena tried to send a mayday but Edge cut her off (he is remotely controlling the plane). Hearing the part message Kara recognizes its Lena and soon is flying off.

Lena manages to stop Edge dumping the barrels, so he tries to crash the plane but Supergirl arrives to stop this. When the plane breaks in two Lena demands she saves the barrels over her but Kara tells her to climb and in the end, saves both.

Edge shoots his companion so he will get the blame and leaves.

Supergirl isn’t fooled and confronts Edge but he seems to have her number knowing she won’t kill him.
Edge is indeed a despicable character and if the show follows the comics we may learn of his connections to intergang if they go that route.

At Catco Lena thanks James for saving her but in what appears to be them finally getting along.Please don’t make them a romantic interest. It’s like James isn’t being the guardian as much let’s give him a girl. No just no, the show is better for them being slightly at loggerheads.James clearly doesn’t trust any Luthor as he has mentioned numerous times.

In one of the most heartbreaking scenes, we see the end of the Alex and Maggie relationship. Sometimes in relationships, you reach the point when you love each other but you both want different things I know I have been there but it doesn't make it easier. As Maggie leaves I know most reached for the tissues and the closing shot on the engagement rings adds to the heartbreak.

At Samantha’s Lena thanks her friends for what they did telling them L Corp has made an antidote to the poison.
Samantha and Kara made a great team and these three certainly work well together.

Kara leaves when Alex calls and like Kara rather cruelly predicted in the pilot if Alex ever lost Maggie she would be in a bar that is exactly where Alex is.
Kara calls J’onn saying they are taking a few days off and tells Alex they are heading home. A nice lead to next week’s episode.

Samantha says goodnight to Ruby (I did wonder where she was all the time). Ruby notices Samantha has a hole in her shirt and Samantha shakes her jacket and a bullet falls out (I’m amazed it stayed there all day) Seems Samantha is bulletproof.

While it seems the Samanthas powers may be closer to the surface than we think it is still is going to take a lot to switch her from a character everyone is growing fond of to the world-killer and we can only guess some tragic event may trigger this. Like I said before the performances were very strong this episode but it wasn't without its flaws. There were a few plot points that didn't resonate with what we had previously witnessed with these characters and the storylines.

So what were your thoughts on this episode?

What do you hope for the Danvers sister trip home next week?

Please post below in the comments

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