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SpoilerTV is Looking for Writers for 2018 - *New Writers Announced*

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Update: 3rd December 2017 Please give a warm SpoilerTV to our new writers who will be joining the team. We're now up to over 90+ staff! You'll be seeing them come onboard with their articles over the next few weeks as they complete their training.

A.D. Ogutu
Aaron Mark
Adam Reynoso
Ami Goeree
Beth Whitley
Claire Serowinski
Edil Omar
Eduard Sviridenko
Gina M Kern
Jorge Castro-Salinas
Kandace Powell
Katherine Meusey
Naomi Kinsey
Patrick Flaherty
Patrycja Krysinska
Sam Dinsmoor
Shaun Allan
Tyler Babbitt

Update: 27th November 2017 Submissions are now closed. We hope to let successful candidates know by the end of the week at the latest.

Update: 25th November 2017 Just to let you know that we're going to only have the submission form available for a few more days as we've already had a massive response to this. At the moment we'll be closing this on Monday evening. Once closed the team will go through all the applications and hopefully a couple of days later be contacting the successful applicants.


Hey All,

With 2017 almost over and the new year getting closer, we are looking at increasing our coverage of various shows. So we are putting out a call for writers to join our team here at SpoilerTV (We currently stand at 78 members). We're now covering more shows than ever and want to make sure we cater for as many fans as possible.

We're looking for writers to write reviews of new episodes after they air (normally within 48hrs of them airing in the USA). The shows we're currently looking to cover in addition of our already covered shows are listed in the Submission Form below.

If you are interested in writing episode reviews for any of these shows, or are interested in writing show specific articles for the above shows then please fill out the simple form below and we'll be in contact with you shortly if you are successful. We're looking for people who have the time and dedication to commit to doing regular reviews of the show(s) they like.

In addition to writing episode reviews, we're also looking for people to join in on our weekly/monthly and other regular articles such as

- Scene of the Week
- Quote of the Week
- Performer of the Month
- Ad-hoc Roundtable articles
- Throwback Thursday
- Weekly Roundtables

We are also keen on adding team members who are interested in writing general opinion pieces on TV in general eg things like "My favourite Top 10 Grey's Episodes" or "Top 10 Best SCI-FI shows in the last 10 years" or anything thing that takes your interest etc etc

Please don't submit if you think you won't be able to commit to a full season and not be able to join in on the above articles at regular times.

This is an unpaid gig but a chance to expose your writings/site to 1000's of people worldwide. We average around 7 Million Pageviews per month during the main TV Season (See our Stats here).

A number of our reviews have appeared on full TV commercials and online promo's.

Successful writers will also have the chance to have conference calls with actors and writers when the opportunities arise as well as access to screeners of episodes before they air including pilot shows and specials.

You can also get press passes and VIP access through us for various events such as Comic-Con and other events as well has having the chance to be invited onto set visits.

You will also have access to the SpoilerTV Teams Private Community where the Team discuss ideas/suggestions for new articles as well as being able to participate in putting your own ideas forward.

You will also be able to promote your own sites/blogs/twitter etc. in your articles via your own Author Box at the end of each article, as well as having your own Author page and being listed on the "Meet the Team" page.

Also, if your application is successful, you will also have the possibility of writing articles for other shows not listed above where space is available or to become backup for other other shows for when the main reviewer is not able to review for a particular episode.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask in the comments below.

NOTE: The submission form will be kept open until we have a significant number of applicants. We will notify all respondents personally via email if their submission has been successful within 2 Weeks of the submission form being closed.


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