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Scorpion - Queen Scary - Review: "Sound and Space"

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"There is no sound in space." That's the only thing Walter seems to be paying attention to when the episode starts. He and Paige have gone to see a friend of her's play her new music album - Sound and Space. Walter has no interest in this, and Paige catches him listening to a science lecture during the performance, setting off an episode's worth of conflict for them.

Meanwhile, Toby is helping Sly learn how to read people for jury selection, Happy's inventing wearable tech that she hopes can bail them out of debt, Ralph is testing out a pumpkin cannon for the science club Halloween party that he wants to impress Patty with, and Cabe's obsessing over giving Ferret Bueller a less cage like environment. Paige, like Happy, is trying to get them out of debt by wrangling a new client - a filmmaker wanting to prove the existence of the paranormal by having Scorpion exam the famed ship the Queen Mary. Unsurprisingly, Walter is reluctant to take the gig, because he absolutely does not believe in the possibility of ghosts, so he decides to stay home while the rest of the team heads out to the ship.

Once on the Queen Mary, the team has some unsettling encounters, (chills, power outages, even what looks like an apparition on one of their cameras) which initially lead them to wonder if the ship is indeed haunted. However, they pretty quickly find scientific explanations for most of the events (much to the filmmaker's dismay). These explanations, however, lead to another problem.

A wonky antenna installed to lead self-driving, crew-less ships to port has been screwing with the ship. Unfortunately, this means that the antenna has misdirected a ship full of fuel and sent it on a crash course for the Malibu shoreline. To remedy this, Scorpion decides to boost the antenna signal to cut through the interference by utilizing the Queen Mary's engines. This works for a minute, but the power surge sends sparks flying on the antenna and completely knocks it down.

Although the antenna boost has changed the course of the ship, it's changed it for the worse. The ship is now headed to collide with an oil refinery. Boom!

Scorpion's next plan is to stop the tanker by using the oil pipeline to launch a projectile at the ship. Of course, this almost works too, but the filmmaker's reflector blocks Sly's view of the ship and messes up his calculation for the correct moment to launch the projectile.

The electric surge caused by the projectile shorted the locks of the security doors on the ship, so if someone can get out to it, they can get to the emergency cutoff. This leads to Walter getting to play action man. The team commandeer's a smaller boat, and Walter is able to jump onto the ship.

However, the emergency cutoff has been fried by the electric surge, leading to problem number four. The ship's sonar is still working though, so the team figures out that if they can blast music at the ship at a loud enough volume, they can create a sonic wall that the ship will think is an actual wall, leading it to automatically stop itself. As "Monsters in Love" gets blasted out to sea, the ship rolls into shore, stopping mere inches before it hits the oil refinery.

Back at the garage, the team gets ready to head to the science club party. Walter and Paige make up, with Walter trying to take more of an interest in music for Paige, as she has been been trying to take more of an interest in science for him. Toby lags behind to catch Cabe alone, and confronta him about his sudden need to get Ferret Bueller out of the cage. He knows this is being caused by his own fear of being put behind bars if the trial goes wrong. Despite Cabe's reluctance to talk about his feelings, he gives in and admits the truth - he's worried for what's to come.

Random Thoughts:
-Toby telling Paige that Ralph is dressing up as an Early Bird to get Patty's attention was hilarious. She's so not ready for this.

-Walter's going to learn to play guitar! This should be interesting.

-Best line goes to Toby when he and Sly are arguing about whether the singer in "Monsters in Love" is saying Wolf-Man or Wolfmen - "Yes, that's right. It's Chuck Wolfmen. He has a small insurance office in town and him and his wife are on the school-board. He's a WOLF-MAN, putz."

What did you think of Team Scorpion's venture into the supernatural? Do you believe the filmmaker was onto something with the Queen Mary? Let me know below!

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