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Riverdale - Death Proof - Review

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I am not enjoying so much this part of the season as the Black Hood’s storyline is getting too convoluted. But at least, "Death Proof" was an improvement over the too much dramatic episode five. It had some surprising moments. Let’s summarize what happened.

After his breakup and expected hookup, Jughead has been dumped again. Toni tells him that she is more into girls. He can’t catch a break. He has to face another difficult situation: part of the serpents are seeking independence and he has to challenge them in order to show his power. In a crazy car race, he will almost get arrested, but Archie is the smart guy of the situation and he rescues him. In the end, Betty tells him the truth about Black Hood and they reconcile. At least, for now.

Veronica forgives Betty as well, and she agrees to help her against the Black Hood. They both ask Cheryl to find out who is the drug dealer in town. In an unexpected turn, Cheryl’s mother apologies to her daughter and reveals the name of the Sugarman: he is the Southside’s English teacher.

We have also a hint at a possible dark side of Veronica: she decides to reveal to her parents what Nick attempted to do to her. They instantly end their relationship with the St. Clairs. During the last minutes of the episode we get to know that they died in a car accident and she just replies: “Oh well, Karma is a bitch”. Will the writers explore a darker Veronica Lodge? That could be interesting.

In other news, Fred will definitely have a pill’s addiction. All in all, it was a pretty enjoyable episode. The storylines are still too overdramatic and sometimes a bit predictable, but there are some positive outcomes that could lead to a juicier future. Still, the minor characters are almost invisible.

And you? What do you think of "Death Proof"?

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