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Riverdale - Chapter Sixteen: The Watcher in the Woods - Review

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This season of Riverdale is a lot more entertaining and juicy than the first one. The show is still a guilty pleasure that we love to hate, but it has added a series of storylines and crazy twists that I am loving.

Let’s summarize this third episode that is called “The Watcher in the Woods”. Archie is still at the center of the craziest storyline yet: he decides to put together a group of watchers in order to fight crimes and in particular to defend the town from the serial killer. I don’t know where to start: is it more out-of-his-mind Archie or these kids’ families that let them do something like that? I have to admit it: Archie is not the useless character that bored us last season. I loved how the writers “evolved” him.

Finally, Kevin had some screen time. He and Betty have a fight after she discovers his sex life in the woods. Betty is outraged by Kevin reckless behavior and Kevin is angry at Betty’s lack of understanding of his difficulties. I loved these scenes and I am glad that they are dealing with new and interesting issues. 
Veronica and her family are boring me: the Lodges are totally out of their places and even if I’m enjoying V so much this season, I still don’t get it. How does Hermione change so much in her attitude? Why Hiram has to be so shady? It’s like they have their own dimension in Riverdale, but they are not integrated. I hope the writers will manage to entangle them better in the narration. Archie gets to know the famous Lodge patriarch and this meeting is definitely weird. I am foreseeing problems for Veronica and Archie.

The murder mystery didn’t have any new killings this week, but all the characters are still discussing and debating about the terrible events that happened in the previous weeks. Who is the blue-eyes murderer? I noticed at Jug’s school a young boy with the same eyes, but I guess the killer must be at least 35.

All in all, this episode is still a solid outing in this stronger and more powerful season. What do you think of “The Watcher in the Woods”?

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