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Quote of the Week: Nov. 12-25

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. Since there hasn’t been a lot of TV in the last few weeks, here’s our favorite quotes for the month so far. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine:
1. Terry: “Terry's got butt for days!” Teri: “Excuse me?” Terry: “I said, ‘Terry's got butt for days!’ " Teri: “Please stop talking about my body.” Terry: “What?” Teri: “I'm Teri. You just said I had ‘butt for days.’ “ Terry: “Oh, I see what just happened. Terry's gonna regret this.” Teri: “Are you threatening me?” Terry: “No! No, no. This is a misunderstanding. My name is also Terry, and I was talking about my butt.” Teri: “So you were complimenting your own body?” Terry: “Well, I'm pretty proud of it.” (Samantha)
2. Terry: “Do y'all have an ATM? Sir, can I get $350 in petty cash? I need to throw an ice cream party for Teri-with-an-I, make sure - there's no hard feelings.” Holt: “Why? She gets it was a misunderstanding. She's a Teri, and you're a Terrance who, even though he's not a child, still goes by a nickname ending in a Y.” Terry: “I mean, don't people call you Ray?” Holt: “How dare you.” Terry: “Sir, I don't want any tension between the squad and the uniformed officers. I'm just thinking about the precinct.” Holt: “You're lying. You're upset because Teri-with-an-I called you arrogant, and you have a pathological need to be liked.” Terry: “What? No, I don't. I just happen to be a great person who's naturally beloved by all despite my personal ambivalence.” Holt: “Well, if that's true, then you won't mind walking across the bullpen without saying hello to anybody.” (Samantha)

The Flash:
1. German!Wells: "Baby Violence solves nothing." (Rants of a fangirl)
2. Cisco: "It's like your junk has been burned into my brain." Harry: "You're welcome." (Rants of a fangirl)

The Good Doctor:
1. Shaun: "I made a mistake. I make a lot of mistakes. You tried to walk. You made a mistake. But mistakes are good. You should make more." (Rants of a fangirl)

Mr. Robot:
1. Edward Alderson: “Somewhere down the road, if Elliot needs some help, and I can't be there for him, just give him a little push too, OK?” (Jimmy)
2. Elliot: “What was Whiterose's real plan? Does she know something I don't? Does everybody know something I don't?” (Jimmy)

1. Kensi: “That was the hardest thing I ever had to do.” Deeks: “What's that, making the grilled cheese or singlehandedly saving the world from nuclear holocaust?” Kensi: “Making that call to you. And I don't want to lose you now. Or ever. Ugh. How long are we gonna do this for? Or ever.” Deeks: “I mean, you're the one that wanted to stay in, so why don't you tell me?” Kensi: “I don't know.” Deeks: “That's great.” Kensi: “I don't...I don't...I don't know.” Deeks: “I can't go through what Sam went through. I mean, honestly, I don't even know how that guy gets up in the morning. What are we doing? You're everything for me. And, um I hate feeling like this. Because you're my world.” Kensi: “You're mine.” (Samantha)

1. Mr. Willoughby: "A story told is a life lived." (From the inside)
2. Jamie (about Claire's hair): "I like the gray...a piece of silver in moonlight.” Claire: “Oh, how could I not love a man who says such things? If you were to say that in the twentieth century you’d be the king of all men.” (From the inside)
3. Mr. Willoughby: “This...retching. It can eat your stomach, tear your muscles and your testicles, they can get twisted. Most painful. The only cure is removal. But, if you want to wait. That is your choice.” (Prpleight)

Peaky Blinders:
1. Michael: "Without you, he falls apart and, without him, they’ll take us all. You’ve got to get us through this.” (Milo)

1. Veronica: “You're in a toxic relationship with the Black Hood - and you need to break up.” (Samantha)
2. Betty: “I found out who killed Jason Blossom. I found out who the Sugarman was. You're next, Black Hood. I'm breathing down your neck. Can you feel it? Can you feel me?” (Samantha)

1. Young Alex: "I never had a sister, promise I'll get better at it." - I'd say mission accomplished, Alex. (Djriter)
2. Young Kara: "I'd rather be human than risk losing you." (Djriter)
3. Alex: "After Kenny, that's when I realized you and I could get through anything, together." (Djriter)
4. Kara: “That possum came from nowhere.” ~it just makes me smile. (Prpleight)

The Walking Dead:
1. Gregory: “Negan, I don't like killing people any more than you do.” Negan: “I like killing people.” (DarkUFO)
2. Negan: “Your friend Rick is an asshole.” Gabriel: “You're an asshole.” (DarkUFO)

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