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Once Upon A time - Wake Up Call - Review : 'Poisonous Ivy '

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Once Upon A Time 706

We all were led to believe and certainly quick to jump on the bandwagon that Lady Tremaine aka Victoria Belfry was the big bad who cast the curse. In a nice plot twist its once again a daughter seeking revenge after the actions of her overbearing mother. This week tells that story and awakens yet another main character from the curse. While a nice episode it does have a few plot holes that I find annoying. There are also a few plot points that yet make sense and I hope they clear these all up later but, like in the past, you may have forgotten your original point by the time the answer is given. One thing for sure is Lana Parrilla gave a knockout performance as the tortured Regina. Henry as always is her heart and while I completely understand that I don’t agree with putting her down as someone who can’t be anything else other than a mum… I mean, come on you even gave her a Xena outfit. Let’s look at this week’s episode.

In the Fairytale realm, Regina once again feels redundant as Henry can clearly take care of himself. I like the fact the lunchbox we see in the picture of Henry and Regina is used as his toolbox and trusty weapon as well. It magically fixed its own handle too.
Regina, feeling lost, stumbles across someone in trouble near a ruined tower. A vine escapes the box and would have eaten them if not for Regina’s fireball. Unfortunately, Regina isn’t thrilled when its revealed she saved Drizella.
These two bond very quickly, when we learn Drizella wants to learn magic to get away from her overbearing mother. She tells Regina she once had magic but now is unable to access it. Regina becomes her teacher and, when she puts herself in peril, Drizella taps into her powers. It happens that, as she is teaching, her old teacher Rumple comes to visit.
Rumple explains his life with Bella which to them passed in a blink of an eye and says he is on a path to get rid of the dagger once and for all. He also imparts some advice on Regina regarding Lady Tremaine; she may be very aware what her daughter is up to. Regina using her mirror shows Drizella the truth. Tremaine wants her heart to give to her other daughter Anastasia (the one in the coffin). We see Lady Tremaine practicing removing her heart.
Regina tells Drizella her story and about the dark curse but Drizella seems intent on killing Tremaine. Regina stops Drizella using her prince boyfriend to kill her mother but Drizella just kills her boyfriend, so her heart darkens, therefore, unable to be used.
This is where I am like ok if Tremaine thought she could use Drizella heart in the first place why get her try and kill Henry? Of course, we know this was before she knew of his true nature. Regina says she will stop her casting her curse but Drizella says she will make sure the curse can’t be broken.
Regina tells Henry she feels lost without him and that’s why she helped Drizella. Regina feels he doesn’t need her anymore. Henry says he will always need her.

In Hyperion Heights modern day Regina aka Roni has her own set of problems. The photo she found with the help of Ivy shows her and Henry. I did smile at the fact the tank top jean wearing Roni says she never owned clothes like that in her life. In the photo, Henry is clutching the Tron Lunch Box. Henry explains if she is Regina she’s his mother and the evil queen. They think it’s a photoshop and Roni is ready to take a baseball bat to Victoria. Jacinda gives Henry a rather cold reception when she comes into the bar to tell Roni about her and Sabine’s food truck that she needs to borrow some tools to fix it up. Henry offers to help but is shut down and wonders why.

Lady Tremaine has a Migraine and accuses Ivy of putting sweetener in her tea instead of sugar (a known fact in migraine suffers, it is to be avoided ). Ivy says it might be the flowers. She has vase of the flowers from Lucy’s garden on her desk. Ivy offers to remove them and takes them up to the room at the top of the tower. We know from last week the witch at the top of the tower and Ivy are working together and Ivy knows she is Drizella. It seems how it’s being played at the moment that they are both playing Victoria Belfry aka Lady Tremaine. Like Drizella said in the fairytale realm killing is too good for her mother. She wants her to suffer but so far apart from being the bitterly twisted hag she was before I can’t see any changes.
The mystery witch needs Drizella /Ivy to get her some soil from the garden. Seems they are trying to do something about Regina.
Speaking of, Roni gets another visit from Henry. Seems Ivy posted pictures on social media of them drinking.
Lucy arrives excited about the picture, not the Ivy and Henry one but the Roni and Henry one. Ivy told her about it. All part of her game I am sure. Lucy seems surprised when its revealed Roni is Regina, but didn’t that get revealed in the first episode. Henry jokes to Roni about her being his mother. Lucy is excited and convinced she needs to find Henry’s book to make her remember.

Rumple aka Weaver is fighting fit and ready to get back to work. No hints of him revealing who he is yet. Rogers wants him to take it easy. His informant, Alice, arrives. Rogers want her help with his Eloise Gardner case.

Henry complements Roni on her lunch choice, Bella Notte, but he was skeptical about the stray dogs hanging around. Nice nod to Lady and the Tramp and proof other fairytale characters are here as well. Roni reveals she nearly adopted a baby boy once, but they gave him to another family at the last minute. Henry says she is a mother to a lot of people. Roni thinks they need to pretend to believe Lucy to get her out of it and Henry has an idea where she will be. Roni also had a motive bringing Henry here. Jacinda is fixing up the food truck across the street.

Drizella brings the witch the dirt and she grows a nasty plant in it. Drizella takes the sap from one of its spikes but the witch warns of the dangers. Drizella plans on using it on Regina.

Henry holds the music player in true ‘Say Anything’ fashion and charms Jacinda into a date. It starts there and then and he helps her fix up the truck. Score one for the mixtapes and 80’s nostalgia.

At her mother’s apartment, Lucy can’t find the book. She tells Roni the story that the book appeared to Snow-White when she needed it. Roni says, though skeptical, they will look for proof as Lucy hugs her. You can see Roni doubts her reasons.
Roni takes Detective Weaver a welcome back gift to the station also asking him to check if a Regina Mills adopted a baby boy in Boston.
Alice shows Rogers where she lives, he explains the symbol and shows it to her in the book. Alice although cryptic with her answers she gives him a rook piece off the chess board. Seems they have been playing. She tells him he must look at what he has got.

At Roni’s it’s no surprise Weaver finds the information quickly after all Rumple sorted it out. A Regina Mills did adopt a baby boy in Boston. Roni is shocked it existed and Weaver says she owes him one.

Rogers is on the trail of the symbol but isn’t having much luck when he finds the guy with the symbol dead. I guess this Eloise Gardner mystery will unfold more next week with the name being the title of the episode.

Roni is at her bar is still in shock; her writing matches Regina’s. Drizella arrives and slips something into her drink. She needed her to ask questions and now she can wake her up from the curse. Roni soon is experiencing all her memories as Regina. Regina, of course, tries to kill Drizella with magic but she hasn’t got any. A land without magic all part of the course. Although the garden seems to contain a small amount. I guess that is why the plant grew. Henry is calling but Drizella does not want Regina to speak to him. Regina soon remembers the reason, though it doesn't reveal why she can’t tell Henry the truth. Drizella gloats she did something before the curse was cast and its why Regina can’t break it. Of course, Drizella woke her up to help her keep Jacinda and Henry apart as true loves kiss will break it.
Drizella is close to bringing her mother down but Regina must keep Cinderella and Henry apart.
Your heart breaks for Regina/ Roni now she realizes and makes you wonder what evil Drizella has done.
Later on, Regina /Roni talks with Henry and asks about his mother. His response is he wasn’t adopted but born in prison. Regina comments “Like Emma” but covers it with saying she read his book. As she holds back the tears she says she is glad they are getting to know each other.

Like I said before Regina /Roni were the prime focus of this episode and we all know she isn’t just going to roll over and let Drizella win but for now, whatever the reason, she feels trapped.

Lana Parrilla as always gave us all the feels as not only the tortured Regina but a lonely Roni. Next week, as I mentioned, I am sure we will learn more about the missing girl Eloise Gardner and I hope it connects some of the missing pieces. Six episodes in though and I am wondering does it hold enough to keep the viewers interested.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

Will Regina save them all?
Please post below in the comments

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