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Mom - Fish Town and Too Many Thank You's - Review: "A Teeny-Tiny Load of Laundry"

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"Have you ever met anyone, anywhere, at anytime that gave up cocaine that easily?," Bonnie questions Christy after her brother Ray comes to town, seemingly on top of the world about his new sober lifestyle. Christy wants to believe the change is real. Bonnie, as experienced as she is in the field, isn't buying it, because "You don't go from coke fiend to 'I get up at 6 A.M. to do yoga.'"

When Adam and Ray, who've bonded over their love of basketball and Mark Wahlberg movies, go off to a game, Bonnie and Christy decide to borrow Ray's Mercedes to drive to a meeting. What follows next is a hilarious mix of Bonnie and Christy bonding (or at least as close to bonding
as they'll ever get). They speed, play with the fancy car controls, and jam out to the Spice Girls.

Then they get pulled over because Ray's car has a busted taillight. As Christy goes to pull the registration out of the glove compartment, she mutters an "Oh No." Bonnie tells her to relax. They haven't done anything wrong. They're "two law abiding, sober women." Except not, because they're accidentally carrying $300 dollars worth of cocaine.

Christy, thankfully, is able to stuff it down her shirt and out of site. But, the girls aren't out of trouble just yet. While the officer is running the plates, they find surprise number two - a Ziplock baggie full of pot, which Christy also has to stuff down her shirt.

As they wait for Adam and Ray back at the house, Christy and Bonnie commiserate on the fact that they've gone soft in their soberness. "We used to smuggle suitcases of this stuff without breaking a sweat," Christy says. Now, they're panicking over one police encounter and not even a little tempted to sample the product.

Adam and Ray get back and Christy and Bonnie stage an impromptu intervention. Apparently, Ray's still "occasionally" getting high and has decided he doesn't have a problem. When questioned about whether his husband David knows, Ray reveals he, like Bonnie and Christy, has different ideas about Ray's "problem" and they're now on a break because of it. At this, Bonnie dishes out some surprisingly mature tough love - "If you wanna keep using, we're gonna be on a break too."

As Bonnie and Christy flush the drugs down the toilet later that night, they resolve to get Ray to a meeting first thing next morning. Unfortunately, Ray sneaks out before either are awake, leaving only a dumbfounded Adam unsure how to stop him.

At the diner sometime later, Bonnie and Christy tell the girls that they've yet to hear from Ray. They've talked to David, who also hasn't seen him in weeks, and informs them that Ray's lost his job and owes money left and right. Natasha, who's still not loving her waitress job and has been thinking of leaving to go back to stripping (where Christy's sure she'll be unable to stay clean), overhears this conversation and has a change of heart, thanking Christy for all she's done for her.

Random Thoughts:
-New Jill is really quite entertaining. "What a pretty man. Is he still a homosexual?...Well, if I can't have him, I can sure as hell have a waffle. Server!"

-Best line goes to Christy. "Finding drugs in the dark is like my superpower!"


-If Ray does get his act together, I do hope we can see more Huggy Bear and Wheels bonding. Their scene on the way to the game was hilarious.

So, do you think Ray is ever gonna get clean? Let me know below!

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