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Jane the Virgin - Chapter Sixty-Six & Chapter Sixty-Seven - Review

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Due to being on the road, I missed my Jane reviews, so this will be a double review. Jane the Virgin “Chapter Sixty-Six” was written by the team of Valentina Garza, Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin and was directed by Gina Lamar. I really loved this episode – especially the central gimmick of doubling everyone! I’m really starting to like the addition of Tyler Poesy as Adam – but even more so in the next episode…

Jane’s (Gina Rodriguez) alter egos are Mom-Jane and Fun-Jane. Fun-Jane is enjoying spending time with Adam, while Mom-Jane needs to be responsible and find a new school for Mateo (Elias Janssen). The title this week involved Rafael (Justin Baldoni) moving in with the family as Jane the Virgin became Jane the Roommate.

Jane and Rafael clash over finding a school for Mateo with Rafael refusing to let Mateo go to a Catholic school. Xo (Andrea Navedo) even offers that she and Rogelio (Jaime Camil) will pay for private school. I did love the scene where the two of them are text-fighting over the Catholic school as they put Mateo to bed.

Alba (Ivonne Coll) is suddenly in love with Rafael, but Jane is seeing a different side to him. She misses his alter ego Zen-Rafael who has been replaced by Douche-Rafael who is only interested in “doing deals.” Alba continues to dislike Adam who she is convinced is a bad influence. I loved Alba’s double – fun-Alba has seven whole difference from Serious-Alba – and I loved how they made it a “spot the difference” kind of game.

Xo is more than supportive of Jane when she confides that she’s ready for sex with Adam. Unfortunately, it seems that their relationship may end before it starts when he’s offered a great VFX job… in LA. Adam tells her that he’ll stay if she wants him too – he’s thinking long term.

Rogelio’s relationship with Fabian (Francisco Dan Martin) has completely deteriorated. The scene with the two of them fighting over their cakes is hysterical! Rogelio and Fabian insist that they don’t want to be onscreen together – and Rogelio points out you can do amazing things with doubles – just as the scene cuts to Petra and Anezka (Yael Grobglas)!

The studio executives have different ideas though and decide that they will kill off either Rogelio or Fabian – depending on which one a focus group decides should die! This was hilarious. Jane happens by while the focus group is meeting and recognizes Fabian’s Grandmother (Silvia Curiel)! Since Fabian has someone on the inside, Rogelio decides that he needs someone too – and who knew that Jaime Camil could be such a beautiful and convincing woman! He’s just wonderful in this scene – I honestly didn’t recognize him as Judy for a minute or two!

In the end, the group decides that Fabian should die. Rogelio’s relief is extremely short lived as he discovers that Fabian’s replacement is none other than his greatest rival – Esteban (Keller Wortham)!!! And not only that, Esteban has started a relationship with Darci (Justina Machado)!

Jane is ready to have sex with Adam but before they can Jane ends up breaking her leg jumping off the roof. Jane is quite hilarious on pain medication! Unfortunately, she misses her interview at the Catholic school. Adam sends Jane a graphic novel of the two of them. Jane decides that she’s not being sensible and tells Adam to take the job. He insists that she’s compartmentalizing – which is exactly what those doubles are all about – and he’s staying!

Petra and Rafael continue to try to get Luisa (Yara Martinez) to sell the hotel to them – through buyers. Petra goes to Chuck (Johnny Messner) and Rafael tries seducing Katherine (Alex Meneses). Rafael tells Petra that he doesn’t like her working with Chuck, and Petra admits that she doesn’t like Rafael living with Jane. She’s even less happy about Katherine, however!

Rafael understands Petra’s concerns, so he tries to romance her with candles in her room. When she arrives, he tells her that he’s ok just going with Chuck as their angel investor. Petra, however, has decided that she’ll just deal with Anezka – and by the way, she’s breaking up with him again! This ends up with Rafael sleeping with Katherine. Petra’s own plan blows up when Magda (Priscilla Barnes) turns up again like a bad penny…

Meanwhile, Rafael has tried to come up with a compromise with Alba’s help, about Mateo’s school. They can get him into a good public school by using Rogelio and Xo’s address. Jane is furious at first but realizes that she’d been taking Rafael and his money for granted. She doesn’t want anymore animosity between them. Rafael promises that he will get all his money back.

Finally, Rogelio continues to take all that Darci can dish out. Xo is also turning the other cheek, but finally loses it when she sees Darci tweeting that she’s all alone – while living with Rogelio and Xo! Xo tells her that she’s not alone and that she isn’t going to be raising the baby alone. When Darci finally sees the nursery that Rogelio has prepared, she relents and agrees to be friends. Rogelio has also prepared a meditation room – “A room of one’s own” – as the ladies’ focus group taught him that some women feel under appreciated. Ah, Ro! How does everybody not love you?! Actually, we all do, right?

The episode ends with the narrator (Anthony Mendez) telling us that one of these people will die!! Will it be Magda (please!), Anezka, Petra, Alba, Rafael, or Luisa?!?! Any guesses? Share below!

Jane the Virgin “Chapter Sixty-Seven” was written by the team of Carolina Rivera and Micha Schraft and was directed by Fernando Sarinana. Of course, the central event of this episode is the birth of Rogelio and Darci’s baby! And Adam meeting Mateo. The gimmick of the episode is the Narrator fast-forwarding through the more boring scenes for us! And this week, it’s Jane the Virgin – Secret Agent!

The episode begins with an hilarious flashback to 7 year old Jane (Lillianna Valenzuela) having a traumatic first meeting with one of Xo’s boyfriends (Reinaldo Faberlle) for the first time. She’s determined to orchestrate Adam’s first meeting with Mateo to the last detail to make it perfect. But not for eight weeks! And she’s concerned that Adam is in “panic zone.” He assures her that he isn’t – until the end of the episode, when he is.

And of course Mateo’s first meeting couldn’t be worse. Adam and Jane are making out on the couch – after Adam has lurked outside until he is sure that Alba and Mateo have left the house – it’s the “Mateo Protocol.”  Except then Mateo comes back, thinks Adam is hurting his Mommy, and punches Adam in the face! Hilarious!

Jane gets the art for her book cover and shows Adam, telling her how disappointed she is that it is all about sex and the book is about so much more. Adam tells her he can’t judge the cover without reading the book, so Jane agrees to let him read it. Did anyone doubt where this was going from here? Of course he would read the book, totally get it, and create the perfect cover!

Meanwhile, Rafael is sleeping with Katherine, who is totally clear on their plan. She buys the Mirabella, hires him as CEO and they set up a payment plan for him to buy it back over time, with interest and 10% for her for the upfront money. And in return, she wants a relationship with him – and at this point he seems willing to sell his soul for the hotel.

Magda tries to use Anna (Mia Allan) and Ellie (Ella) to blackmail Petra to take Luisa’s deal. Petra offers to pay them off – which won’t be difficult when Magda finds out that Anezka has agreed to $46,000 – not $1 million. Petra tells Rafael that if Katherine doesn’t work out, she’s got Magda handled. Rafael tells her that the deal will go through – and he knows because she told him in bed. After the run around Petra’s given Rafael, it’s hard to blame him for hurting her.

Rogelio is being driven crazy by Esteban having sex with Darci – and supporting all her ideas for the baby and the birth! – and even more so by having him on set. Rogelio loses it when Esteban gets them to rewrite the script so that his character gets to have sex with the Lady Scientist (yes, he hasn’t learned that one yet) while Rogelio’s character is still inside her. I loved Rogelio ranting that you can’t introduce a new love interest 3/5ths of the way into a series and expect the audience to root for him!! Hilariously meta!! Hellloooo Adam! Rogelio insists that audiences want logic!

Esteban also shows up for Darci’s sonogram – and overacts ridiculously! He really is uncomfortably TMI with the PDAs! When Esteban turns on the crocodile tears, Rogelio ups his game to do the same. Rogelio tells Darci that he’s obtained the Ricky Martin Birthing Center for the baby’s delivery. But Esteban has told Darci about home births – and now Darci is insisting that that’s what she wants. Rogelio is appalled.

Rafael tells Jane that Katherine is fun – um, no – and that they are keeping it casual – wrong again Raf! Then Jane tells Rafael about Adam meeting Mateo. Rafael is ready to simply believe Alba’s assessment that Adam is a bad influence – after all, Jane has a broken leg because of him. Jane insists that they have a meal together.

At work – and am I the only one who forgot that Jane was the manager at the Mirabella – Jane meets Katherine – the nightmare customer who insists that Jane try the food that she’s unhappy with. It’s a set up by Petra who tells Jane that the nightmare customer is Rafael’s Katherine. She also tells her that Rafael is just using her as a business arrangement.

At lunch, Jane confronts Rafael about Katherine. He insists that he has a mutually beneficial relationship with Katherine. Adam is 15 minutes late, which gets lunch off to a rocky start. Rafael is a total idiot at lunch. He grills Adam and shoots trick questions at him. He leaves the lunch to take a call from one of the girls and reads Petra the riot act for telling Jane about Katherine. When he gets back to the table, he walks in on Jane and Adam making fun of his trick question.

Rogelio is freaking out about the home birth, but Xo tells him to educate himself before saying no. We fast forward through his research – and Rogelio wants to forbid it! He wants to find some way to convince her – and decides to use Esteban! Rogelio agrees to the re-writes and even butters up Esteban’s muffin. It’s actually hilarious seeing Esteban dressed as a sperm – and Rogelio getting to punch his heads and then tie the Lady Scientist’s tubes!

It’s also hilarious when Rogelio explains that home births are dangerous for women of Darci’s age. Esteban thinks she’s 32! And Rogelio says “sure”… but he does keep her secret.

Luisa is getting desperate to sell the hotel to save Rose. Magda thinks that she can strong arm Luisa into renegotiation by threatening her. Luisa points out that her girlfriend started an entire war, so Magda’s murder means nothing to her!

Rafael is angry about being made fun of – he has the right to make sure his son is safe. Jane promises never to leave Adam alone with Mateo. Rafael says he’ll be cordial to Adam but doesn’t have to like him – unfortunately, Mateo overhears and declares that if Rafael doesn’t like Adam, he hates him too! Rafael assures Jane that he’ll fix it. He’ll pretend to like him. Jane insists that Mateo will see through it. When it doesn’t work, Jane sends the three to a baseball game to bond.

Mateo is bored at the game, and Adam finally manages to impress Rafael by keeping Mateo amused and happy. Rafael is being won over until he sees a text from someone called Tara who then sends a picture of her boobs! Of course, it’s completely innocent – and I knew immediately that she was acting as a model for Adam’s big surprise. Jane is happy to see that Mateo finally likes Adam, but Rafael tells her about the text.

Darci is furious that Rogelio tried to use Esteban. Xo, surprisingly, jumps in on Darci’s side. It’s Darci’s body so she gets to decide. Darci has a contingency plan to go to the hospital if anything goes wrong. But she does decide it might be safer to have the baby at Rogelio and Xo’s as it’s closer to the hospital.

Jane confronts Adam about the text. And he explains his surprise – and the text. Jane apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion and checks that he’s still ok with her messy life – nosy baby-Daddy, over-protective grandma and all. Adam says he’s still ok with it.

Katherine wants to make sure that Rafael is serious about their relationship and pushes to meet the kids. Rafael says that Jane is a rageaholic, and they have a strict three month rule. Katherine confronts Jane that she plans to be in Rafael’s life – and the life of his kids. She tells her that she’s not afraid of Jane’s temper – and besides, once she buys the Mirabella, she’ll also be Jane’s boss! As if we can dislike her even more! And of course, Magda overhears…

Magda and Anezka show up and tell Petra they know about Katherine. Petra agrees to give them 10% of the hotel, but only if they leave forever. Petra calls Rafael and tells him to close the deal.

Jane confronts Rafael about Katherine. He tells her that he’s desperate to get his life back. Jane warns him that Mateo will pick up on how he really feels about Katherine. She tells him to focus on everything he still has – his kids! Jane has to get her cast off and Rafael has a meeting, so he suggests that Adam watch Mateo!

Adam and Mateo make up an adorable dance to Time Warp. Afterwards, Mateo takes Adam to the porch swing – where they have all their serious conversations. Mateo tells Adam that after Michael died, Jane was sad and cried for a long time. He asks Adam not to die and not to hurt Jane’s feelings. And that gets Adam to finally panic.

Rogelio tells Xo that he’s terrified that he’s going to be sidelined in his baby’s life. Xo commits to making sure that doesn’t happen. In the end, Rogelio also jumps into the pool – naked – with Esteban and Darci, and it’s Rogelio’s encouragement that gets Darci through. Rogelio is completely smitten by his new baby!

Rafael takes matters into his own hands and introduces the kids to Katherine. Rose takes matters into her hands by sending Carl (Graham Sibley) to Luisa to get the money more quickly – he’s going to burn down the hotel!!! Will someone die in the fire?

Another two great episodes – did you have a favorite? Will Magda and Anezka really leave? How mad will Jane be that Rafael introduced Mateo to Katherine? Can we get rid of her fast enough? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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