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You're The Worst - A Bunch Of Hornballs - Review: You Only Have Yourself To Blame

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"You can no longer blame me for your life because I'm not in it."

A Bunch Of Hornballs

Gretchen's back in full shapeshifter form, camouflaging with Lindsay's horrible ways, and even trying to play down the fact that she and Boone are on their way to becoming something. When the papers that finalize Lindsay's divorce arrive, Gretchen tries to convince her friend they're both single, so she offers to throw a divorce party but can't bring herself to blow off Boone without lying, so she tells him she's sick. Once she realizes there's no way she's throwing the party she finds the perfect patsy.

Speaking of which, Edgar has a new friend, Max, that seems intent on ruining him financially, first getting him to buy expensive stuff, taking advantage of the fact that Edgar is vulnerable and in desperate need for a friend, and also proposing he uses the help of a party planner without advising him how much it would cost him, so this guy is clearly not going to last, even though by the end of the night they agree to be "main dudes".

"I like my scotch the way I like my women: of legal consenting age."

The party is indeed awesome and has a dope ass cake (yes I'm talking about headless Paul) and even though Vernon and Becca are always fun additions, the fact that she's constantly kissing her "gay" friend and in front of Vernon throws me off constantly. Lindsay was hoping her cool party would make her coworkers like her but it looks like there's no chance in hell of that happening, which she understands clearly when she reads the messages they send to Carl, who's the only one that made an appearance.

"Carl is basically a human participation trophy."

Speaking of that awesome cake topper, the white devil himself shows up to shout in Lindsay's face telling her she can't blame him anymore for her life, which is a douche move but is also correct. After that, Lindsay's feeling down and Gretchen actually offers some sound words of wisdom and tells her, sometimes, stuff that happened when you're a kid can mess you up, which sends Lindsay reeling to find a new, older culprit, and judging by episode ten's title, that will be addressed shortly. If it's her dad we're talking about, it might shine a light into why both sisters are so messed up.

"Marriage is supposed to last forever."
"And you chose Vernon."

Boone is the sweetest when he turns up with soup but he finds Gretchen drunk, he's about to leave when she tells him (in mangled words) that she's scared because she feels they're going too fast, he says he's not even close to that, that he wouldn't even introduce her to Olivia who's in the car, and suddenly, she's disappointed. So, she forces herself on Olivia as a challenge, Boone calls her out on it and they fight but it leads to the decision that, maybe, they both want to try. He leaves with Olivia happy, but then Gretchen's face shifts and she looks utterly terrified, which drives her to make that so awaited phone call.

Jimmy's at an Erotica Book Expo having a tough time being taken seriously, but he hits it off with a fellow writer, Adriane, who, even though she's married, she suggests he should have some fun and eventually offers to help, though it ends disgustingly. She admits she's never climaxed and her career is a lie, which could be the start of an interesting conversation, but is cut short by Gretchen's phone call, because Jimmy just leaves in his underwear unable to wait for a second to pick up.

This was an awesomely and heart-wrenchingly nostalgic parallel to their phone call from the Pilot, and it reminds us exactly why we love these people. They gossip, he tells her about the expo and she tells him Paul showed up to the divorce party, though there was one thing that threw me off of this super sweet scene: seriously? Paul is secret hot? Like a hot nazi? how messed up is Gretchen, yes, it's established, A LOT, but somehow I feel this goes over the line.

Anywho, this looks like a step in the right direction for this two and I can't wait for the hookup, how about you?

"I don't do life good."

I look forward to your comments.

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