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Will & Grace - Who's Your Daddy? - Review: "SafeWord" + POLL

Here we go again! Will & Grace delivered another strong outing upon their return to the small screen, after 11 years (small reminder in case you forgot that fact).  "Who's Your Daddy" was written by the show's creators, Max Mutchnik and David Kohan and was directed by James Burrows. I was unaware of the fact that James directed every single W&G episode and it is really great he came back for this revival. 

Out of the 3 revival episodes, I saw this is certainly my favorite. The flow was better and the interactions felt more like back in the day. 11 Years Later was strong but 9x02 felt less forced as we returned to the usual struggles of our comedic heroes.

The story this week was split into two plot point, Will and Jack's were hunting for some fresh meat while Karen and Grace were settling a feud in Karen's exquisite shower. Let's start with the boys cause I have once again to go on a mini-rant. Sean Hayes delivered a performance to be remembered. He was simply hilarious, the men-botox, the compression garment, the magnets, the makeup. He made it all work and I loved every tidbit of his performance. And he got the best lines.

Jack: I think I'm going into renal failure. I just sneezed and some pee came out of my nose.
Will: He doesn't like Madona. Jack He should be beaten with a VHS copy of Evita.

And while Jack's search for hotness validation was one dimension of hilarious, Will's fight to accept his hotness approval was hilarious in his only Willy way. Ben Platt and Eric McCormack worked great together. Their chemistry was great I personally enjoyed all the jokes. Will was so weirded out by Blake normalcy it was simply hilarious. Will denying himself some 23-year-old fresh meat so he could stand up to his principles was on point hilarious. His gay rights speech was impactful and I loved every single tidbit of it.

Will: We rightly took Halloween back from the children. Whose costumes were simply not good enough.
Will: It is great that you have no shame. You guys can't forget the struggle that came before you, the people that fought for you, loved and died so you could walk down the streets in skinny jeans with rights you never knew you never had. The minute we forget what we forget what we went through to get here is the minute it can all be taken away. And that will be the NIGHT WHEN LIGHTS WENT OUT IN GEORGIA.

Jack and Will coming together at the end and teasing some possible love connection between them was a mean tease, but I don't think the writers will ever go there.

The second part of the episode revolved around Grace denying Karen a raise, which lead to a pissed of Karen "accidentally" locking them into her shower. The writers were very smart with that whole sequence and Megan delivered a simply hilarious performance. Her swimming in the shower, while Grace was panicking, were really great moments. The girls' went really out and did their best work during the scene and their banter was delivered perfectly.

I loved seeing them bond towards the end and Grace realizing how much Karen really means to her and her business was a great moment.

The reveal of Karen's safeword was hilarious and I really didn't see it coming. Again very well executed from both writers and the actors.

Karen: I wanna a raise.
Grace: You mean a mood elevator

There was only one part of this episode I didn't enjoy, the introduction of Karen's new maid, Bridget. And while her little scene was sweetish, I think it was unnecessary. If they couldn't get the Original Maid to appear, they shouldn't have introduced anyone.

What did you think of "Who's Your Daddy?" As always vote in the poll down below and leave your thoughts on 9x02 in the comment section down below.