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Will & Grace - Who's Your Daddy - Advanced Preview: "Daddies Love Me"

After a politically heavy premiere episode, Will & Grace return to their more soft outing focusing more on their character interactions and bounds. As always directing credits go to James Burrows, while this was another episode written by the show's creators David Kohan & Max Mutchnick.

The story is split into two parts, with one story following Will and Jake's adventures of hitting at some young studs while Karen and Grace worked out some long lingering issues. I enjoyed both stories equally with each featuring some unique laughs and charms.

I'm surprised how much I enjoy Jack this season. As stated previously I was never a major fan of Jake but this season everything about him just works perfectly, especially this week as his ego gets hit from left and right by some major rejection. So he goes out on a stretch to prove he still has game and it is just mind-blowingly fun.

Will meanwhile has all going for him, game, a pretty boy and an apartment all to himself. Still, as always Will's biggest enemy is himself and guess what he chooses when it comes to doing the hot guy or lecture him. And yes his speech is impressive.

This week we meet Rosario's replacement, Bridget. And while she is funny and entertaining she is no Rosario. And seeing her just reminded me that I really miss Rosario.

Other than that Karen's story is perfect. I laughed so hard at all her lines and gags. As pictured on the right, after a fight with Grace, the two of them are getting trapped in Karen's fancy shower cause Karen forgot her safe word. How you ask? She never used it. What is the safe word? You will never guess.

The interaction between Karen and Grace are hilarious and every joke worked for me. Karen enjoying their miserable situation provoked some classic W&G moments and lovers of the original will crack up a lot and newbies won't be indifferent either.

Some Hilarious Quotes (and these happened before the 5 min mark):

"Some people age like an anchorman and others like a meth-head mother of 9."

"Got tired of you introducing me as your friend Judy Ism."

"XX: Did she call me the A-word, the B-word or the C-word? XY: Yes, maam."

That is it from me guys. I hope you've enjoyed these small bits and teases from episode 2 of season 9. Feel free to share your thoughts about last week's premiere and expectations for tomorrow's episode in the comment section down below and come back to discuss with me the episode right after it airs. My review will go up at 9:30pm.

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