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Will & Grace - Emergency Contact - Review: "Last Words and The Platinum Gay" + POLL

The third episode of Will & Grace ninth season, titled Emergency Contact, brought back some familiar faces and humanized Karen and Jack. The episode as always was directed by James Burrows and written by  . 

Last month, when we've got screeners for this season of Will & Grace cause of a numeric error I accidentally watched this episode thinking it was 9x01 and I was so pissed. Pissed they just moved on not addressing any of the cliffhangers or developments. Was very relieved when I realized this was episode 3 indeed. Emergency Contact is W&G at its best, combining character development and great one-liners, great sketches with story progression.

The episode delivered a long overdue resolution on Grace and Leo's relationship. I know we are only 3 episodes into the season so long overdue seems a bit over the top but this story needed to be addressed back during the shows original run. Leo's return was good on so many levels, it gave Debra Messing to shine as an out of her mind Grace and it reminded me why I hate-love their relationship so much. You can say a lot about their relationship but they always had great chemistry. The two of them always worked on screen and I always cared for where the two of them will end up. The writers screwing with all of our heads all the time is another issue.

I do understand why the writers decided to divorce both Grace and Will, bringing them back together under one ruff. This episode finally gave us closure on their relationship. It broke down their issue to the core and Grace inability to forgive Leo for cheating all back in the day. Debra Messing shines throughout this outing but especially during her final scene with Leo. Her teary eyes, the sound of her voice and words she spoke were on point perfect. I look forward to seeing what mess Grace love life will become now that she got closure on Leo.

P.S. Loved all the Big left boob puns and the return of Nurse Sheila was priceless. Seeing Laura Knightlinger back on screen was hilarious, hope we see more of her down the line.

As said back in the day, I thought this was their first ep back and I was so furious Will basically didn't have his own story. But I did appreciate his contribution to this episode. All his scenes and lines worked fine and I enjoyed him being so overwhelmed by the Princess Diana exhibit.

Meanwhile, my favorite character of the season so far once again delivered. Jake was once again truly hilarious and I loved every single of his scenes. I like that the writers gave him more space this season and put him in situations he can truly shine in. Him working with the kids and absorbing all the praise despite the kids being amazing made me lOl really hard.

Karen once again was the Queen of Oneliners. The writers exploited her very well again, giving her lines and scenes she once again could shine and make me break out in laughs. Her scenes with the little girl were weird and adorable at the same time. Karen stepping up for the girl was really sweet and proved once again how much range Megan has as an actress.

What are your thoughts about Emergency Contact? Did you love it or did it make you call your Emergency contact(yeah I'm that funny, pun intended) As always feel free to tell me if you agree on my thoughts in the comment section down below and anything else you have on your mind. Till next Thursday.


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