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Van Helsing - Began Again - Review - 'A Live Action Video Game'

In 'Began Again' we see multiple storylines play out in the maze like compound of the vampire elite.

This episode felt like a Resident Evil-esque video game, which made for fun entertainment. Each character had their own missions, and we see them fight off lowly vampires coming around every dark corner, as they maze their way around the compound.

There was even an entertaining boss battle, if you will, with Van Helsing confronting Rebecca, who got offed fairly quickly in the premiere. It would have been much more satisfying to see Vanessa kill Rebecca than the scene we got with her being done in by Dmitiri's gal.

Regardless, Vanessa was more concerned with finding her recently turned daughter. There was a franticness and desperation to her storyline in 'Began Again' that really gave it that fun, video game vibe.

The reveal that her blood will not cure her daughter was a bomb shell and a good way of explaining away the convenience of her healing powers.

Elsewhere was Flesh, who is turning out to be a strong ally of Van Helsing. His mission in 'Began Again' was, of course, to find his dear friend and so we see him paired up with Lucky, a Resistance member, with conflicting interests of finding the generator to destroy. 'Began Again' did a great job in conveying the dedication Flesh has to Van Helsing. We also see how gifted he is tactically as he tracked down his ally.

Flesh' new friend Lucky is an interesting character, let's hope she doesn't get killed off as fast most of the main characters in season 1. Her watching her dumb friends die after falling for the bait set up by the vampire added some emotional heft to her arc.

Mohamad had some screen time too. Him killing his sister after finding out she is obsessed with becoming a vamp was heartbreaking. As Van Helsing said, karma is served following his betrayal of her.

Mohamad acted as more of a foil than anything in 'Began Again' - scaring Dylan away after Vanessa started to make some leeway with her daughter. I have to admit Van Helsing biting Mohammad to cure herself was unintentionally humurous.

The episode, like the series as a whole, was nothing special, but it continues to offer fun, B-level entertainment. 'Began Again' was especially entertaining due to it's frantic, video game-esque pacing.

If Van Helsing can continue this breakneck speed, with some of the more tender moments we saw with Van Helsing and her daughter, than Season 2 will be a drastic improvement over its rookie season.