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Valor - Espirit de Corps - Review: "ShadowRangers"

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Episode two of Valor's first season was a solid follow up to the series premiere as it dove deeper into the mystery involving our two very handsome leads and we saw how the mystery keeps them struggling. "Espirit de Corps" was written by show creator Kyle Jarrow and directed by Randy Zisk.

Rescue Mission

Once more the writers gave Christina Ochoa a great playing field and she took advantage of every single inch. Nora Medani is a very complicated character with enough layers to carry the show. She plays really well with her facial expression and is truly convincing with this whole PTSD story.

My favorite part though, are her scenes with Jess. Christina and Corbin have a truly a great chemistry and their friendship is a great foundation for further storylines, especially when the truth comes out. Nora inviting Jess to train together was a sweet move and further pushed Jess' story. There is stuff in life you can't push through on your own and I'm glad Jess will seek out through.

The competitive atmosphere between Gallo and Cooper added a nice touch to the episode and I hope their alpha male BS will stretch over a couple of episodes. Their rivalry being about a girl made my eyes roll hard but still enjoyed Leland and Nora teach him a lesson.

The Flashbacks

Piece by piece we are getting closer to what really happened that night. Think the writers plan to reveal a lot more and I can't wait to find out. Meanwhile, the chemistry between Gallo and Medani is peaking even while they are dirty and screaming out of pain. There is barely a moment when I don't think they wanna rip of each others clothes.

Mommy's Boy

You meet the mother and everything makes sense! Right? The introduction of Mama Porter, played by Valarie Pettiford, was executed very well. She is a woman in power and very much addicted to control. Valarie did a great job, with her body language and the way she executed the lines. You could feel how intimidating she is and how short the leach around Ian's neck was.

The Prisoners

I really enjoy this story. W. Tre Davis and Mac Brandt deliver really strong performances and the way the scenes are written and directed makes them so much more enjoyable. I was a bit intrigued by the looks shared between Crank and Khalid, are they working together? Or are they just misleading us? Also putting a deadline on the hostage situation was a brave move by the writers. Obviously, they aren't playing around here and keeping up the pace.

So what were your thoughts on "Espirit de Corps"? Did the episode convince you to stick around or go for a run Mondays at 9pm? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.

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