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Jack’s Vietnam mystery deepens a bit here. After seeing images of him hopping out a helicopter with an M-16 earlier this season, we get the sense that there’s a lot more to his story than just being a mechanic. Will we find out this season how Jack lost Nicky in Vietnam — and what unprocessed emotions he is carrying from that?

JOHN REQUA: We can’t get into the details, but clearly this looms large in the person that he is. The big thing is that he keeps secrets, that he has compartmentalized and hidden away this part of his life, which obviously was his brother, and it was a big part. Obviously a major thing happened, some trauma of some sort. And that’s what Kevin is doing. That’s what we’re trying to say with this episode. This life of keeping secrets and evasiveness is exactly the sort of behavior that Kevin is exhibiting. We’re trying to draw the parallels between the good and the bad of Jack, and how it manifests in his children.
Jack claimed his father had been dead to him for years and he didn’t need to say good-bye. How true is that, or will there be repercussions?

Yeah, that’s also a part of Jack as a younger man that I’d like to explore and understand more — his history, his relationship with his father. I don’t think Stanley Pearson thought himself a bad father. He was just very much a father of that generation and that era. There are things we haven’t seen, that I might not even know about, that Jack’s perception of how his father did certain things and lived his life as a man are the cornerstones in Jack choosing a different direction from what he was raised to be or raised to see. But I don’t know that. My father – me, Milo – is a great man, the best, the kind of father you’d ever hope to have. So I don’t know what it’s like to have a father you don’t have a good relationship with or who favored drink a little bit more than family time. I can only work up the emotion based on what’s on the page. And what’s on the page is enough, but I still have so many questions. Where’s his mom? His mom is probably passed away, and he cared about his mom.
On a lighter note, what was filming Toby’s reaction scene in the coffee shop to Kate’s pregnancy like?

Requa: Oh, if you could see what didn’t make the cut. We shot a lot. There’s a scripted action of what Toby does and we did that and then at the end we let Chris off the chain and do whatever he wanted to do. So he came up with a bunch of stuff on his own. So much of it, just because of time we couldn’t do. But that whole Flashdance thing where he dumps the water over himself, he came up with that himself. With help from Glenn, because it’s Glenn’s favorite movie.

"THE 20'S"

10/31/2017 (09:00PM - 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : Trick-or-treating with the 10-year-olds goes awry for Jack and Rebecca. Randall, Kevin and Kate have life-changing Halloweens.

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