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This Is Us - Episode 2.04 - Still There - Promo, Sneak Peeks, Promotional Photos, Interviews & Press Release

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Additonal Cast Promotional Photos Released

Sneak Peeks

Interviews + Aftershow

What is it that anchors Beth? She’s working, she’s a mom, her husband is forcing his family on her as he’s having anxiety attacks and now this adoption storyline. How does she keep it together?

The words that they’ve written? (Laughs.) There’s a sense of patience that she has, and a willingness to be in the moment. Those are the things I latched onto. I try not to enter into anything with a pre-judgment. It’s open for discussion. She sees everything with fresh eyes and then has a sense of patience about it. They’re simple qualities, but for a lot of us in real life, we don’t do that so much. We want something to happen quickly. We want to pre-judge a lot of the time because it’s just easier to do. She’s very much someone who goes from moment to moment. That means there’s not a sense of a whole lot of baggage with Beth. But things do get to her, as we’ve seen. She has to find her way through it too. She has to fight for that as a character.
How does all of this impact Kevin’s movie moving forward?

APTAKER: This is Kevin’s first movie and it’s his big break, and it’s what all last season was building to. He’s really, really determined not to screw it up and not to let anything get in the way of him finishing this movie. So the knee thing is going to be tricky for him because it’s not a one-and-done; it picks right where we left off next week and it is definitely going to be an obstacle to him finishing this movie.
BERGER: And I think especially because he is someone that has suffered career setbacks in the past with The Manny, with missing his own opening, you’re really going to see him doubling down on not screwing this up.

Cast Promotional Photos


10/17/2017 (09:00PM - 10:01PM) (Tuesday) : Randall and Beth adjust to a new family dynamic. Kate books her first big gig. Kevin suffers a setback on his movie. Jack and Rebecca are visited by an unwelcome guest.


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