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The Shannara Chronicles - Graymark - Advanced Review

Wasting very little time, this episode gives many viewers exactly what they have been waiting for - a Wil and Eretria reunion. Eretria, with the help of Jax’s bounty hunting skills, gets to Wil’s uncle’s house and finds Wil just waking up from unconsciousness. To Mareth’s surprise, Wil is now onboard to find Allanon since Bandon has his uncle. Unfortunately for them, Jax knows that the Crimson has Allanon in Graymark, the former palace of the Warlock Lord. It’s an imposing fortress and Jax reminds them that the Crimson is a deadly foe, but Wil insists that Jax take them there. From then on it is our heroes vs. The Crimson, with a couple scenes from Tamlin’s palace. King Ander doesn’t have much to do in this episode except wait, but Tamlin sure knows how to spike the intrigue.

Overall I liked this episode, just not as much as last week’s. The pacing seemed slower but that could be because there were fewer cuts from character to character now that most of them are in the same place. There are also fewer reveals than the first two weeks. Tamlin remains sketchy and power-hungry, but the palace scenes are largely so we don’t forget there’s a “B” storyline. The real focus is on Graymark this time. Wil vacillates between the pouting boyfriend and smart leader, who catches something Eretria would have never missed in season 1. She does get her kick butt fighting skills back though, besting everyone in her path. Mareth also shows superior skills, inducing the best Allanon jawdrop yet. Jax completes the warrior trio and he, along with Riga, gets some back story here. Unfortunately, it all falls apart when some future Redshirt hurts his feelings, causing him to switch alliances at the drop of a hat. Even Han Solo took most of the movie to show his true colors. It’s disconcerting to watch a character go through an entire arc in 20 minutes.

Grade: B

Best Reason to Watch - reunions
Best Scene - Eretria, Mareth, and Jax kick Crimson butt
Best Awww Moment - Wil and Eretria talk
Best Banter - Mareth snarks on Jax
Best Mystery - Mareth is able to control….
Best Character Growth - Wil is no dummy when it comes to Jax
Worst Character Growth - Jax, who changes waaaaaayyyyy too fast
Worst Mom - Tamlin, who doesn’t seem to care about her daughter at all
Most Convoluted Back Story - Riga
Most Missed - any consequences for Catania’s death...yet
Least Missed - Bandon

Best Quotes:
“And you left a life where you were safe and happy to help me. It hardly seems fair.”
“For a man who hates magic, you know a great deal about it.”
“I want to save my uncle and if that means partnering with you to free a man that I wish I never had to see again, then so be it.”
“She thinks Allanon is her father but she’s got a past she can’t explain, magical abilities she can’t control, and potentially the world’s worst dad...so, I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt.”
“So the Weapons Master is afraid of some stuck-up elves?”
“We don’t need you to save the world. We need you to leave it.”

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