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The Orville - Pria - Review

And so aired the much talked about Charlize Theron episode.

Despite the special guest star, the most memorable moment(s) in 'Pria' would actually have to be awarded to the secondary storyline involving Malloy teaching Isaac about practical jokes.

The Kaylan-1 robot's inquiry into human behaviour continues to be the bright spot of The Orville week to week and in 'Pria,' the character's arc reaches new heights.

The Mr. Potato Head gag Malloy pulls on Isaac was amusing, but when Malloy told his crew mate to return the favour with a joke of his own, we knew we were in for a raucous time.

Malloy waking up without his leg was just too funny and his dismembered limb, which Isaac hid, dropping down randomly from the ceiling as Mercer and co. confront Pria, was a hilarious exclaimation point to this horribly funny gag. Also, Kitan picking the leg up non-chalantly and Captain Mercer's reaction after she accidentally (or purposely) hits with him with it was priceless.

The main storyline involving Theron was actually a lot more serious than expected.

There is a continuing pattern with this show where what we think will be funny actually turns out to be the more dramatic elements of the episode. This, to me, is a positive as it adds a much needed emotional heft to the show.

With regards to 'Pria,' Macfarlane and Theron developed strong chemistry in the short time they had and so her betrayal was that much more impactful.

The scene that sees Mercer rejecting Pria's plea for him to join her was a very powerful moment, in large part to Theron, especially when she tells him "you will still be that messed up guy who can't get over his ex-wife."

That's not to take away from MacFarlane in this scene as the look in his eyes suggests how much Mercer was truly hurt from this.

The Orville captain legitimately thought he had found the one in Pria, after years of trying to get over being cheated on by Kelly, only to be backstabbed again. His pain could be felt in that final shot of the episode.

'Pria' made good use of Charlize Theron as a dramatic actor - her wheelhouse - but for storyline purposes, this was an important episode that established the inner conflict that Mercer has been fighting.

We get the sense he is a damaged soul, and lonely, brought on by the divorce and escalated in "Pria.' It will be interesting to see how his character develops over of the course of the season following this episode.

The reveal itself, that Pria came from the future and sells doomed ships from the past before they get destroyed, added a nice sci-fi component to the story. The strength of The Orville has been its simple, but human centric stories, and in 'Pria,' viewers were treated to another exceptional episode.


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