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The Orville - Majority Rule - Review

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The story of 'Majority Rule' was an exaggeration on our society and internet users' obsession with down votes and up votes.

Imagining a world with a culture constructed around this concept is fascinating to think of, and it is somewhat believable that such a world can exist given humanity's current obsessions. The Orville depicts this world in the best way a show like Orville can, but ruined by some awful humour.

'Majority Rule' centered around Lieutenant John Lemarr who is occasionally funny in small doses, but annoying as hell when an episode revolves around him. I found pretty much all of the attempts at comedy to be juvenile, bordering on cringeworthy, and typical of Seth MacFarlane humour when at its worst.

The awful gags took away from a unique take on the Pleasantville, dystopian society trope where people are judged by the number of votes they get via an upvote/downvote badge they have to wear. Upon getting a slew of down votes, like in the case of Lemarr this episode, a person is put on a public tour of a trial and is subject to getting his mind corrected, if his or her down votes reach one million.

In 'Majority Rule' Lemarr gets down voted by a majority of the society on Sargas-4 because of defacing a statute of a historic figure, all caught on camera.

LeMarr, of course, continues to embarrass himself while on trial and is only saved by an inhabitant of Sargas-4 who is convinced by the crew of the Orville to hack the "main feed."

Despite Lemarr not being funny at all, there was one funny bit that did work. The crew dressing up for the planet was amusing, followed by Mercer's hilarious quip that they look like unemployed backup dancers . Unfortunately, that was one laugh out of me that was too far and few in between.

Overall, The Orville has generally been consistent in giving viewers simple, but yet, thoughtful science fiction mixed in with some subtle comedy. 'Majority Rule' had one of the best stories of this young, first season, but it was one of the worst episodes in terms of humour.


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