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The Middle - Vive La Hecks - Review

The Middle is back for its final season. I have to admit, "Vive La Hecks" was bittersweet for me because while I'm glad to have the Hecks back on my tv, I'm just not ready for the show to end. But, alas, we have no choice. So here we go!

"Vive La Hecks" begins with Axl returning home from his European adventure. Sue and Frankie made posters that were supposed to spell out "We Missed You," but Mike refuses to hold up the "you" sign. Frankie tells Brick to record Axl's homecoming, but he's a little bitter since no one has ever welcomed him home. Frankie debates what they should say, and of course Sue said they should yell "Surprise!"

"It's not a surprise. He knows we live here." -Mike
"How about 'here we are as expected'." -Brick

The reunion with Axl is cut short because he runs off to see Lexie. "And we're filming," Brick tells everyone after Axl leaves. His timing, or lack thereof, was terrific. Totally made the scene. The next night Axl tells them all about his traveling including getting separated from Kenny with his dead cellphone. Frankie said that she would be freaking out. Sue agrees. "I went to meet Carly at the wrong Panera Bread once and called nine one one." I love Sue.

While Axl was busy traveling, Sue was busy working. But she's finally able to enjoy her summer- all two days of it. She has a list of things she wants to accomplish, and after trying to convince Frankie she can get all of it done, Sean shows up. He informs them that he's going to med school close to Sue's school. I cringed when Frankie said they're like brother and sister. I'm more convinced than ever that Sean and Sue are end game especially since we kept seeing the snow globe.

Brick decides that he needs to break up with Cindy and end "Brindy." He says that they're just not clicking. Frankie asks if he's sure he wants to, and Mike finishes her thought by adding, "break up with the only girl who ever liked you?" As Brick talks about his "big sophomore year", Axl heads into the kitchen naked. As he puts on clothes and puts his ridiculous hair into a man bun, Frankie asks everyone what they should put in the box for the time capsule. Of course, the family is no help.

Brick continues to ask advice on how to break up with Cindy. Axl's advice was to "add on" and just date other girls. Mike says he never actually broke up with women. He just drifted away. I loved that in his conversation with Brick he said that he liked Brick's hair. It was "consistent." I have to admit, it's a better hairstyle than Axl's man bun.

Brick finally asks Frankie for help. "If you were still young and vital, how would you like to hear 'I'm sick of you. Your ears don't do it for me anymore. We're in a rut. It's dead, it's over, it's done'." Then we hear Cindy on the phone. He butt dialed her. I was cracking up during this scene. Brick was brilliant in this episode.

Cindy shows up because she didn't hear anything he said. So he repeats that speech all over again! I love that all of his family looked at him like he was crazy. And that Frankie said that she could have put more effort into her planet nowhere quizzes! I couldn't believe Cindy kicked Frankie on her way out.

After Cindy leaves, the family completely falls apart. Axl criticizes Sue for working too hard as she panics over not finishing her summer list. Mike, after having to keep quiet all episode, defends Sue and her hard work.

"You could stand to chase a dollar or two, man bun."

Frankie finally loses it over the time capsule box. She gets so worked up that she collapses. Luckily she didn't have a heart attack; she just had never had real cheese before. I liked that the family all came together after Frankie's incident to sit on the porch and enjoy life.

I loved this episode especially Brick. I did think Axl was annoying so I hope he loses the man bun soon, but I think he was supposed to be annoying. "Vive La Hecks" reminded me why I love The Middle so much, and I really think this is going to be a strong final season.

What did you think of this episode? Do you hate Axl's man bun? Did you love Brick this week like I did? Discuss below in the comments section!


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