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The Middle - Please Don't Feed the Hecks - Review

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While I enjoyed the premiere of The Middle, it wasn't my favorite episode of the series. Luckily, I loved "Please Don't Feed the Hecks", and I hope that you all did, too. Let's get to the review.

At the beginning of the episode Nancy returns the Hecks' time capsule box which had Sue's snow globe in it. Liquids are not allowed in the box, and Frankie apologizes for the mistake. Nancy sees a scarf that she really likes so Frankie gives it to her. Nancy washes it, and then returns to the Hecks with a thank you present: a homemade apple pie. I loved that Mike hid until Nancy left so he didn't have to talk to her. Smart move considering we learned that Nancy and her husband go to Chili's to "keep the spark alive".

Mike and Frankie thoroughly enjoy Nancy's apple pie so Frankie decides to trade more stuff for food. She gives her a rake and gets a delicious casserole. But then she gets a pepper steak and thinks it's just okay. Frankie pays a visit to the Donahue's and tries to figure out what Nancy knows. Nancy ends up crying and making Frankie feel bad. She convinces Mike to cook the Donahue's ribs to make Nancy feel better. Of course, it was a trick. Nancy just wanted Frankie to cook her something. I loved it! Nancy Donahue always makes an episode more fun.

Sue and Lexie had more housing issues this week. They arrive at their apartment excited about the new year but are stunned to find a man already living there. In the summer Sue and Lexie sublet the apartment to two guys named Derrick and Andy, who Air BnBed it to this guy. To make things worse, this man is Mark Beckett who just happens to be Sue's stats professor. He makes it very clear that he's not leaving the apartment until November. The two girls have to stay in their car for another night. While Sue tries to make the best of it, Lexie is not having it.

"On the upside the sun is like nature's alarm clock." - Sue

"Shut up." - Lexie

Sean gets involved and tells the the Professor that he needs to leave. When he says no, Sean threatens to tell everyone that he's living with two students- something that wouldn't look good to his colleagues. Mr. Beckett leaves and while Lexie and Brad celebrate, Sue isn't as thrilled. She gives a speech about how she had a plan, but he had to come in and save the day. She's upset because she likes that he rescued her. Then Sean reminds her of how she saved him from a drainage ditch. "We rescue each other." This moment was so cute. If I haven't made it clear, I adore Sue and Sean together.

Axl was busy this week with his new job: being a bus driver. Not exactly what his parents wanted for him, but he was tired of them giving each other looks about his unemployment. He spends the episode driving Brick around on his school route and giving him advice. Brick wants his dad to come and speak at career day, but he doesn't think Mike will do it. After talking with his brother, Brick decides to ask their dad, but he says no. Did anyone else find Brick's speech to Mike hilarious?

"I'm just a boy standing in front of a dad asking him to speak at career exploration day."

Axl talks to Mike and convinces him to speak at career day. I laughed when Axl said he's driven a bus for three whole days in a row. Wow. Great work ethic. Mike shows up to the school, but his speech doesn't go well to say the least. Oh well. At least he tried. I was surprised that he even went.

I didn't really love Axl's story this week, but it was nice that he had some bonding time with Brick. Frankie and Sue's stories were definitely my favorites this week. Like I mentioned earlier, "Please Don't Feed the Hecks" was an improvement over the last episode, and I think it's just going to get better from here.

What did you think about this episode? Did you like Frankie spending time with Nancy? Did you like Sean and Sue rescuing each other? Let me know in the comments section!

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