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The Middle - Meet the Parents - Review

This week's episode of The Middle, "Meet the Parents", begins with Mike and Frankie going to Sue's college for parents' weekend. They're staying at Sue and Lexie's, and they stop in before meeting Lexie's parents for dinner. We finally saw Axl helping out around the apartment, but he told his parents not to expect him to clean and put away dishes at home. He was only doing it for Lexie.

Mike and Frankie meet Lexie's parents, Tammy and Bennett Brooks, at the local barbecue place, "The Hungry Hog". Tammy and Bennett brag about Axl and how helpful he is, and Frankie is shocked. They make small talk about their jobs and hobbies, and Frankie loves them. Later that night she gushes to Mike about how wonderful they are, but Mike isn't so sure. He didn't like how Bennett ordered for the table- he thought it was a power move. He also didn't like how he said "thou" instead of "thousand."

The Hecks see Lexie's parents again at the apartment, and Frankie and Tammy immediately hit it off. Tammy invites The Hecks to their lakehouse, and Frankie wants to go. Bennett brings Lexie a new computer because they slow down so much that you basically need a new one every year. Mike is tired of them showing off so he gives Sue five dollars. I thought it was hilarious that she got so excited about five dollars. This definitely shows the difference in the two families lifestyles.

Mike also gets annoyed when Bennett tells him that he used to be a Colts fan but got tired of losing so he switched to the Patriots. This really bothers Mike. You can't just switch teams. You're born a fan of a team and you stay a fan good or bad. (I understand. Being a Kentucky football fan really builds character. We've lost to Florida 31 times in a row.)

At this point Mike is so irritated that he refuses to go to the lakehouse. He says that he has to finish working on the mud pit. Frankie finally gets him to admit that he's jealous. Mike wants the life that the Brooks have. He wants the lakehouse. Frankie convinces him that it's okay, and she loves him even without having money. The Hecks end up going to the lakehouse that weekend, and while Frankie gets food poisoning, Mike has a great time. I'm so glad that Frankie at least had a nice bathroom to spend her time in, and I loved all the pictures of Mike enjoying his weekend. I'm happy that we got to meet Lexie's parents and that they're good people.

Brick was busy this week with the "Sophomore Slammer". It's where students get put behind bars at the school, and they have to call a friend to come bail you out. The friend has to make a donation for a charity, "Hoosiers for Head Injuries." I laughed when he said people with head injuries have trouble later in life and then Axl walked in with his pants on backwards. Later at the school Brick gets arrested, but has trouble getting out. When no one comes for him, the principal asks who he's going to call, and tells him not to say "Ghostbusters." "It's just not that funny anymore."

I thought the principal was hilarious this week. Besides the ghostbusters comment, he told one student to get used to the prison. And he also said his prison doesn't have bars. Anyway, Sue comes to get Brick and reluctantly gives the principal the five dollars Mike gave her. I love that he pretended not to know her so that he could finally get out of the school.

Brick later comes home from school depressed and says that 80s week wasn't "a thriller." Sue cheers him up by telling him that what makes the two of them so great is that they never stop believing that can do things. And she points out that sophomore year was probably her least exciting year of high school.

Even though I liked "Meet The Parents", I'm really excited about the next episode because it's Halloween! The Middle is always great at holiday episodes, and I'm expecting big things since this is the final season.

What did you all think of "Meet the Parents"? Did you like Tammy and Bennett? What did you think of Brick's story? See you next week for Halloween!

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