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The Middle - Halloween VII: Orson Murder Mystery - Review

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In my last review I wrote that I had high expectations for The Middle's final Halloween episode and this episode did not disappoint! The Halloween episode begins with a murder mystery! Frankie learns that a death that occurred in their house, and she's completely freaked out. Brick uses his microfiche to find out that Claudia Rose Tucker died at the age 40 in Frankie's bathtub. This grosses her out. Brick is more concerned about how the article put an apostrophe in paramedics. It's plural, not possessive! This would bother me, too.

Frankie and Brick find more articles and decide that Claudia's death was a murder. Brick learns there's a discrepancy in Claudia's date of death. The original article said she died on March 16, but the obituary said March 18. They come up with crazy theories like the husband lied to the newspaper, and the newspaper was in on it. Brick already doesn't trust the paper because of the apostrophe mishap. The two head down to the cemetery but not before their neighbor scares them. I laughed so hard when Brick and Frankie screamed.

Claudia's grave says she died on the 18th. Then they learn that Claudia's husband married her sister, Sylvia. Sylvia is still alive (cue Brick's hilarious screaming before he realizes that's a good thing) so they head over to her place. They get Sylvia to tell them about Claudia and her death. Claudia was born with a bad heart, and all she wanted was to live to the age of 40. Since she died a few days before 40, her husband lied about her death so she could get to the age of 40. It was a very touching story, but Brick responds by screaming, "Then why did you murder her?" It seems like Brick didn't want to let go of the murder theory.

Frankie admits to Mike that she was wrong, and Claudia died of a heart attack not murder. She doesn't mind though because she had so much fun this Halloween. Then the doorbell rings, and it's the guy from the water department. He tells them that they actually owe money. They've been underpaying on their water for the last 20 years! The water company would have never known if Frankie hadn't called wanting more information about Claudia's death. Great twist!

"You people have been getting away with murder."

While Brick and Frankie dealt with Claudia's death, Lexie and Axl were busy trying to find alone time. Sue keeps wanting to spend time with them because she thinks it's great that she can hang out with her boyfriend and best friend at the same time. Axl and Lexie don't share her excitement. Axl and Lexie try to find a great couples costume for their Halloween party and decide to dress as Donnie and Marie Osmond. The problem? Donnie and Marie are siblings, not a couple! I thought it was hilarious that Axl made a face and had trouble kissing Lexie after Mike and Frankie told them this news.

I loved that Sue was the third wheel! Axl and Lexie tell Sue that she doesn't have to do everything they do, but she disagrees. If she's not the third wheel, then she's just a wheel. The three come home from the party and Sue suggests they watch a movie. Axl and Lexie, desperate for alone time, hide in the bathtub. They debate who should talk to Sue, and then make out before Axl blabs about this being the "death tub." That definitely kills the mood.

Sue ends up alone and has a minor break down with Mike about being alone. She cries about not being fine and knowing that Axl and Lexie don't want to spend time with her. I know she was upset, but I laughed during it all especially when she fell over and could barely walk in that ridiculous wheel costume.

My favorite part of the episode was the end when Axl talks to Sue. He tells her that she's not a loser, and lately she's been making him want to barf less. Anyone who has watched the early seasons of The Middle know that this is a huge compliment for Axl! He asks if she want to have lunch with him which makes her very happy. I've written about this before, but Axl and Sue have come a long way since the beginning of the show, and I'm glad that he doesn't mind spending time with his sister now.

It makes me sad that there will be no more Halloween episodes, but I thought this was a pretty great one. Did you all like the episode? What was your favorite part: the murder mystery or Sue, Axl, and Lexie's story? Discuss below in the comments section.

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