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The Good Doctor - Pipes - Advance Preview: Porn

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"I don't need your protection, I need your support."


The Good Doctor continues on its way to being one of the best procedurals in a long time, and I have to say, that opening is also on its way to becoming one of my favorites ever, Shore sure know how to do this. The thread that connects most of this episode is surprisingly porn, and the take is so refreshing that it made me think of a lot of other issues I would like this show to tackle. I can't get enough of these people and the amazing writing.

Shaun is struggling to keep up with the residence and take care of himself, but Dr. Glassman is very good in understanding him and is even willing to go to his house in the middle of the night because a leaky faucet is driving him crazy. It's clear he's trying to get Shaun to get better and not even have those emergencies but he's willing to be there if he does, he's really the best father figure Shaun could've asked for, and a lot better than his own for sure.

Freddie continues to be brilliant, in his detachment, and especially in his moments of stress. After last week's episode, Claire finally seems to be more comfortable with Shaun now that she understands him better, and honestly, it's refreshing. I was even applauding her for defending him on something I never thought I would. But Melendez lashes out at her for always defending him and decides to remind the interns there's only one spot and they should be competing for it, not helping each other. He also decides to relegate them to scut work once again, which would be a lot more awful if it wasn't so much fun to watch Shaun take on this tasks.

Luckily even though Shaun continues to have issues to blend in, his ideas do get heard a bit more, mostly thanks to Claire, even if Melendez keeps doing his best to undermine him. It's almost funny how after Melendez' treatment, the smallest kindness seems like a miracle to Shaun, I mean it's almost as funny as it is sad. Flashbacks continue to shape the story, to help us learn more about Shaun, and also to enjoy one of the best characters in a while, Steve.

There are two cases this time and there is a lot of talk about ethics and legality which brings about a very interesting conversation between Melendez and Jessica, it also highlights the importance of the board meeting and I really hope they keep this up, this is something not many medical shows have done and it is very interesting ground to cover. I also love Lea (Paige Spara), the neighbor, and her reactions to Shaun, I need a lot more of her and him in the future, I'd like to see him develop a friendship outside the hospital, and there's something adorably refreshing about her. This episode holds a few surprises and it ends with Shaun in an unexpected place.

"No presents for you."

Watch The Good Doctor Monday October 16th at 10/9c.

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