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The Good Doctor - Mount Rushmore - Review: "An Uphill Battle"

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The Good Doctor's second outing was a strong follow-up to the show's premiere and if this episode was an indication of what we can expect in future outings we have one hell of an uphill battle ahead of us. "Mount Rushmore" was written by series creator David Shore and directed by Mike Listo, whose previous credits include HTGAWM, Designated Survivor and other ABC shows.

An eventful episode once again peaked in the finale minutes and giving Shaun finally a little break and sense of acceptance. The show was structured very well building up momentum towards the end and luckily gave the supporting cast some screen time so we could hate or like them depending on what you like about a character. But before we get to talk about them let's dissect Shaun's rocky first day at St. Bonaventure Hospital.

I liked how they've taken their time to show off some of Shaun's quirks and how important his routine is for him and how seriously he is taking his job. The opening scene with him perfectly timing his morning and path to work was very simple but still very impactful setting the stage for future scenes. The writers did a great job by balancing out the episode with some funny moments during Shaun's scut work. Eve Gordon was great as Nurse Friday and her interaction with both Shaun and Melendez were very entertaining.

She gets an extra point in my book for not backing down to Melendez attempt to put her down.

Nurse Friday: In my experience doctors don't listen to nurses. And they only talk to us when to lecture us when they figured we screwed something up.

The writers did a marvelous job by showcasing Shaun's mistakes and win in this episode and why the other surgeons were hesitant to work with Shaun. Giving him the win at the end was very important and I was shocked by Shaun stepping up to Nurse Friday and take that OR. It was great how the talk with Aaron inspired Shaun to dig deep and fight for the little girl. Their "father-son" bound is really one of the strongest parts of the show. Their closeness is palpable and moving, while they show the sensitive side of Aaron they also show how much Shaun can care and show emotion despite being autistic. Shaun's passion is so bada*s and Freddie's performance is truly captivating. I just want more and more of it.

Last but not least Shaun made a friend in this episode. At least I think he became friends with Jasika Nichole's Dr. Carly. The connection between them felt so sincere and they perfectly interacted with each other.

*Sigh* It's time to talk about the flashbacks. They once again perfectly followed the story and gave depth to Shaun's backstory and how he became who he is now. The chemistry between the brothers was once again spot on and the kid actors really delivered those scenes It was great to see that adult Shaun had the guts to knock on that door. Back in the day, his brother would pick up his slack but now he had to step up to save that girls life. Seeing Shaun holding his brother after the accident made me tear up and I'm so ready young Shaun's reaction after Steve's death.

Now let's talk about the supporting cast. First on the list dr Melendez. I love how much complexity they gave the character. Is he a douche? Yes. But is he right to an extent? I have to say yes. We all are afraid of the unknown and letting someone like Shaun is a major challenge for everyone. We have to be realistic cause we are talking about human lives and Shaun's inability to properly communicate with patients can cause mistakes. Still, Melendez is an *insert insult* for not giving Shaun a real chance but that gives the character more edge and I already love to hate him.

Also, I'm glad that the writers didn't just bend Melendez over and made him embrace Shaun's brilliance after he sold another case. Melendez is a surgeon and their whole work basis on their intuition and they need to follow it. The fight between his heart and head was apparent and Nicholas Gonzalez really did a great work in portraying the struggle.

I need a lot more of Beau Garett in the show. She carries her scenes so well, her confidence and sense of right were just showing off. Her body language was just as sharp as her words. I really hope the writers find a way to incorporate her more despite not being a doctor.

Meanwhile, I hate the writers for having made Claire and Jared hook up in the first episode.  Their interactions would be so much more meaningful as currently, all their scenes scream BIAS! It makes their words and actions a lot less meaningful, cause I essentially liked their story this week. I like that both of them showed that they are a lot more than the stereotypes introduced in the premiere. He isn't just the frat boy hungry for attention and she isn't the purest of them all. The show gave some light and darkness and it will be interesting to see how they will handle it in the future.

The only part I dislikes this week was the bts battle between Glassman and Andrews. I needed them a lot more forefront and having Shaun involved in it. I mean at one point it did feel like they were toying around with Shaun. It is his life, his career and he should be more involved.

There were some medical errors, like Claire listening to the patient's heart through her pajama but I won't take that as a negative point. Errors happen, no need for nitpicking.

So what are your thoughts on Mount Rushmore? Did you like it or did it make you drop the show for good? Sound off in the comment section down below. Also next week at this spot you will be greeted by my dear colleague, friend, and co-reviewer Laura Markus.

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