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The Brave - Break Out - Advanced Review - “A Mother’s Love, A Son’s Sacrifice”

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Those concerned that The Brave would have no character revelations need not to have worried. While Seal Team still dives deeper into the lead’s psyche, each week The Brave brings a new reveal about at least one of the characters. Last week it was Hannah’s turn as we found out details about why she had to leave field work and join the intelligence side. This week is all about Patricia and the loss of her son. Along with her role as Deputy Director, Patricia has a reputation for being quite the interrogator, once having locked herself in a closet with a Somali pirate for 3 days to get info on his prisoner. This time she is called to Afghanistan, close to where her son died while helping to build a school. Her mission is to get information from a former American, turned Taliban soldier. She needs to know about an imminent attack on a US military base, specifically which base is the target. Drawing on her grief, she tries to bond with the prisoner as a mother to varying levels of success. Of course, no mission is without complications on this show. They happen to arrive on the same day that the Taliban is planning a prison break. With little actionable intel and no way to leave the area, the team must find the info they came for while finding a way out.


1. Having Patricia in the field is the best part of this episode. It allows the show to delve deeper into who she is at a person while still revealing a more action-oriented side to her. In many ways, she is a lot like Dalton in that she will allow nothing to compromise her mission, even when it comes at the cost of personal safety. She’s competent and focused, confirming why so many people in the government rely on her opinion.

2. Because Patricia is in the field, it creates a better view of her relationship with Dalton. They have several great scenes together, including a touching one at the end. I really enjoy the camaraderie between the two and the fact that they completely trust each other. It is obvious that they have a lengthy working relationship and I hope that as the show progresses, they will continue to reveal their past. Plus, there is no hint of anything romantic between them, which is a welcome change.

3. Noah in charge is a great way to provide more depth for his character as well. Since Patricia is away, it is up to Noah to run the intel department. He takes this job very seriously, even showing up in a new suit and tie to Hannah’s amusement. In contrast to Patricia’s calm exterior in the control room, Noah is visibly nervous and it works to the show’s benefit. It ratchets up the tension on the normally less adrenaline-powered intel side and the scene where Noah realizes that he cannot do anything to help is very emotional. All in all, I wouldn’t mind having more of Patricia in the field and Noah at the helm. It does both characters good.


1. The largest issue for some will likely come in the heavy emphasis on American vs Taliban ideology. Those who worry about jingoism in military shows may find some scenes harder to take. It can also be a little preachy in places if you are sensitive to this sentiment.

2. Similar to Scorpion, it would be nice to have a mission that is complicated in its own right and not complicated because whatever can go wrong does go wrong. I think these characters and the writing could tackle a multi-piece mission that requires them to work on a variety of escalating subplots at the same time. It would also give them a chance to focus on Preach, Jazz, and McG more.

Grade: B


“American Taliban, it’s an oxymoron. It’s 2 words literally at war with each other. You can’t be both.”

“Are we good?” “Well, that depends. How’s your 100-yard dash time?” “Better when my life depends on it.”

“It’s a tactic.” “And what if it’s not?” “Then it’s a better death than the alternative.”

“Man, you should wear suits more often.”

“The truth is the truth in any language.”

“This the Deputy Director’s idea of a vacation?” “Sun, sand…” “And Taliban.”

“Two rules: #1. Shoot the bad guys. #2. Don’t shoot me.”

“Why do you get to live?” “The grass is always greener.”

“You like martyrs? You’re gonna die looking up at this one. Three hours ago I stood on the spot where one of your friends killed my son. If you do not help me save other mothers that pain, I will gladly die here with you…”

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