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The Big Bang Theory - The Collaboration Contamination - Review: "Lethal Working Relationship"

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Is anyone else still feeling the feels from how sweet Sheldon and Howard were to one another last episode? I think they've turned a corner in their friendship, and i'm excited to see them consistently getting along... or, you know, they'll just go back to giving cheap shots to each other.

This week, we start off with the gang eating at Penny and Leonard's. Bernadette informs Penny that baby Hallie spit up all over one of her stuffed animals. Oh wait, it was Leonard's, and its an Ewok.

And now, Penny's okay with the upchuck! We also learn that Sheldon keeps a Chewbacca stuffy at him and Amy's place. Raj once had a stuffed raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy, but little, adorable Cinnamon the dog licked it raw.

Excuse me while I take a moment to cleanse that thought from my mind.

OK. We're back.

Amy mentions that they're working on neuroprosthetics in her lab - AKA, brain waves that control robotic limbs. They're having trouble with signals connecting the two, though. Howard makes a suggestion about adding more sensors, and Amy likes the idea. She says she'd love to have an engineer onboard; and, who better for the job than someone who has a "World's Best Engineer" mug?

Howard's in. Sheldon points out that Howard hasn't even been able to do much with control of his own arms using his brain waves, and we're back at it with the cheap shots.

The next morning, Leonard walks into the kitchen and notices Penny's reading a book on parenting. He's concerned that A) she's reading a book on parenting, and B) she's reading.

Penny assures her husband that she's not pregnant - the book belongs to Bernadette. The book has also confirmed that she will not be getting pregnant anytime soon, based on its contents. Sheldon arrives, notifying Leonard that he'll be driving him to work today, and en route they'll be playing a siren guessing game!

Let's all take a moment to pray for kind, tolerant Leonard. Amen.

At Amy's lab, Howard's enamoured by all of the cool technology. Especially the coffee maker. Amy introduces Howard to the neuroprosthetic device, and explains that they're working on having it be able to control all kinds of robotic movements. Howard's confident in her abilities, as she controls Sheldon. Amy takes offence and says to watch out.

He'll be sleeping with one eye open.

On the way to work, Sheldon is playing his siren guessing game with Leonard.

The two are having a great time! Before Sheldon can continue the game any further giving Leonard the migraine of the century, he asks what Sheldon thinks of Howard working with Amy. He likes that he can pick on Amy's coworkers with her now. Leonard wants to know if Sheldon's jealous - he says he isn't... but Sheldon's defence mechanism is to put others down by making himself and his interests appear superior, which he does by referencing how he much prefers train engineers over Howard. He then prepares to make a train whistle sound, but is abruptly cut off by Leonard, who is loving every second of this ride.

Sheldon drops by Amy's lab, and pulls her aside to have a conversation... in Morse Code.

Amy doesn't understand. Howard does, though, and after Sheldon sends him a threatening message through blinks, Howard asks Sheldon to repeat what he said.

My eyes hurt for the man.

Sheldon and Leonard arrive home from work, and Sheldon's frustrated Amy hasn't been around much since starting her work with Howard. They started this morning, but nevertheless. Penny calms Sheldon down, telling him his feelings are valid and that he can have dinner with her and Leonard. Sheldon takes a deep breath, agrees, and leaves. Leonard wonders if Penny has superpowers. Turns out Bernadette's parenting book did the trick! Her only concern now, though, is what will happen when Sheldon turns 6 and the book's no longer effective.

I'm just wondering why the gang never thought of using traditional parenting techniques on Sheldon, I don't know, 10 years ago?

Raj visits Bernadette at her house, asking if she needs any help now that Howard's busy. Turns out he's a little jealous of the working relationship, too. Bernadette asks for assistance fixing her smoke detector, but apparently Raj is only there to offer emotional support.

My sentiments exactly. Bernadette puts on a brave face and says everything's fine. Then, Raj digs a little deeper, and her claws come OUT. Her life is like a window pane that's cracked from the centre outwards, being held together by a single bandaid. She didn't say it exactly like that, but we know. Bernie says she doesn't have time for Raj's jealousy over Howard's work with Amy.

Amy returns home from work, and Sheldon is waiting bearing gift!

The notes from the Quantum Cognition Project they worked on together. Amy's a little... disappointed. Apparently this is what gets Sheldon going, and he wants to spend the night working on it with Amy. After a long work day, she'd rather go to bed and asks if they can do it in the morning. But, Sheldon's feeling so frisky for science!

Amy finally caves and says they can look over the material. Sheldon won't, unless Amy's really into it. He doesn't want to have to do all of the work. Are you noticing the obvert underlying message of this conversation?

The next day, Sheldon texts Leonard asking if he can give him a ride to Bernadette's. Penny suggests they consult the parenting book to see how to deal with the situation. They settle on giving Sheldon options on how to get there, and letting him choose. He decides to take an Uber.

They've finally reached the control panel into Sheldon's mind. It must feel like they've won the lottery! No, even better. This is priceless.

After what we assume was an eventful Uber ride, Sheldon's with Bernadette. She's less than thrilled to have him there, as she's still very busy. Sheldon wants to do something to get back at Howard, and Bernadette suggests doing what Howard really likes to make him jealous. CHORES. Specifically, fixing the smoke detector.

Sheldon's excited. Bernadette just mentally high five'd herself.

At the lab, Amy and Howard are having a grand ol' time. So much so, that they're ahead of schedule and decide to take a little dance break to some Neil Sedaka!

After some dancing which includes Amy lovingly spinning Howard, Raj appears. Cue dramatic music.

He's NOT happy. They don't appear to be hard at work. Raj says Bernadette's been feeling lonely, and then asks if Howard wants to see a movie... with him. Amy's confused. Raj defends their strange, too-close-for-comfort friendship.

At Bernadette and Howard's, Sheldon's almost done the chores. He's going to clean the oven now!

Bernadette's living her best life.

Raj walks in, explaining what he noticed at the lab. Sheldon's not worried, because he's sucking the fun right out of Howard's life by doing his chores! Raj says Howard hates chores.

Yes, she totally took advantage of his gullibility. Sheldon then cleans the oven, because he's Sheldon.

At Penny and Leonard's, Sheldon vents about his chore misadventure at Bernadette's. Leonard tells him to chill out re: Amy and Howard working together. Penny takes a warmer approach, explaining that it's okay for Sheldon to express himself emotionally. Leonard and Penny argue over which approach they should take, and mention the book. Sheldon wants to know what book they're talking about, and Leonard admits that Penny's been using parenting methods to control his actions. Sheldon asks why they think parenting techniques are an acceptable way of dealing with him.

4 words: Big Bird Shampoo Bottle.

The gang is all dealing with their respective problems: Bernadette still has Raj in her house and Penny thinks Leonard can't handle that she's better than him in some aspects of life. Sheldon's just mad at everything. Amy and Howard, on the other hand, are having a great time. They briefly discuss everyone being on each other's nerves, and contemplate calling it a night. Amy checks her watch for the time...

Howard the Great transported Amy's watch onto the skeleton! What a riot!

Finally, we see Sheldon and Raj watching a movie together. The two have found comfort in one another during this lonely time - how endearing. What's more endearing? Sheldon spoils The Adventures of Tom Sawyer for Raj within seconds of it starting.

I'm looking forward to finding out whether or not Amy and Howard's scientific efforts proved to be successful. Hopefully they did, and that Sheldon and Raj recover easily from their loved ones' absences.

Down below, let me know if you think Bernadette went too far or was totally genius with getting Sheldon to do her chores, if you hope Penny and Leonard do eventually have children of their own (if they can control Sheldon, they can do anything!), and if you miss seeing Cinnamon on the show! I do. Well, I did until we found out she has a stuffed raccoon fetish.

Catch The Big Bang Theory Thursday Nights on CBS.

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