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Superstition - Pilot - Review + POLL

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In Superstition we are introduced to the Hastings family with the pilot and, henceforth, the show focusing primarily on son, Calvin Hastings (Brad James).

There is clear Supernatural influence, what with this whole theme of family business and fighting evil and even the title card.

Superstition though manages to stand on its own because unlike Supernatural, which primarily is about the brotherly bond between Sam and Dean, Superstition is more about fatherhood and creating a legacy that will be passed on in our children.

The long-running CW show sort of deals with that fatherhood theme in John Winchester and his two sons, but it's not what really drives the narrative like it does right off the bat in this Syfy drama. A theme, by the way, that is dealt with strongly in this episode due to solid acting and writing.

I do love how self-aware Superstition is with Calvin referencing Sam and Dean as his dad stored the guns in his weapon filled trunk. That was one of a few lines here and there throughout the episode that provided some subtle, yet effective humour. Chief among that humour is the quirky, forensic scientist, Tilly (Tatiana Zappardino), who adds a much needed, offbeat dynamic to the Hastings team.

The family of the show extends to real life as actress Morgana Van Peebles, the daughter of Mario Van Peebles, who plays the patriarch of the Hasting family, portrays his granddaughter. Both Peebles developed strong chemistry with Brad James' Calvin in the pilot. The dad though was a bit too trope-y as the hard nosed, yet lovable rock of the family. So, it was expected and necessary for him to die in order to continue this theme of passing on the legacy. I was not expecting it to be so soon though.

The earlier the better as now the show can focus on Calvin, who will try to carry on his family and his dad's legacy as he cares for his daughter and fights evil. Actor Brad James is a capable lead, though it will probably take a few episodes to see if he has the charisma to keep Superstition engaging.

The villain, a snake charming red neck, was also a strong antagonist and it'll be interesting to see how his conflict with the Hasting's develop over the course of the series.

Overall, there was not anything spectacular about the pilot, but the episode did introduce us to some strong characters and themes and it told an intriguing mythology that has potential to lead to something special once everything is all fleshed out.


Let me know in the poll what you think of the Superstition pilot and vote in the poll below!

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