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Superstition - The Dredge - Review

In Superstition's second episode we further get to know the dad and, more importantly, the Inferno introduced last episode known as the titular, 'The Dredge.'

The more this world is fleshed out, the more interesting the show gets, which is a big positive. There are still many parallels between Superstition and Supernatural, but the series, so far, has done enough of its own twists to help carve out its own identity.

The father being an immortal was one of those twists. Though his resurrection felt like a bit of a cop out, it did serve its purpose of explaining who Papa Hastings is. For a while, while he was recovering in the Alchemy room, I thought Mama Hastings was hallucinating being that she was the only one talking to him. Thankfully, that was not the case.

Having Papa Hastings alive and leaving town was a good way of writing off his character, as it leaves the door open for his return. Mario Van Peebles is good to have as a guest as Irvin Hastings, but his presence far overshadowed Calvin. Now, the only Hastings son has room to grow and develop his relationship with his daughter.

'The Dredge' also introduced us further to the titular character. Actor W. Earl Brown, most recently seen as the sheriff in Season 1 of Preacher, plays The Dredge who is a formidable first season antagonist. Last week we learned he is a snake charmer, and now in this last episode we find out he can control 'Trojan Horses' - reanimated corpses who he sees through an eye in their hands. Creepy.

Superstition kind of backed itself into a corner by making the name of its show very similar to 'Supernatural.' It doesn't help that we keep hearing about family business and hunting things that go bump in the night. A long-running show like Supernatural is not what a series should put themselves in the shadow of. Nevertheless, despite a plethora of parallels, Superstition continues to be engaging based on its story alone and, to a lesser degree, the strength of its characters.


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