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Supergirl - Girl of Steel , Triggers - Review: Strong as Steel

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Supergirl 301 And 302

Previously on Supergirl, the Daxamites invaded National City via a portal that Lena helped create as she was deceived by Rhea, Mon Els mother. The only way to get rid of them was to pollute the atmosphere with lead, lead is harmful to Daxamites. Supergirl made a tough choice but in turn had to ship Mon-El off in a pod to save his life. We saw him going through some hole but his fate is unknown. Alex asked Maggie to marry her. Cat Grant revealed she knows Kara was Supergirl but no one knows she knows.
Of course, Supergirl, the girl of steel is named as such due to her strength as is Superman but recent events have left Kara hiding behind her Super persona, becoming as cold as the metal alloy she is compared too.
She closes off her family and friends for fear of losing everything as she keeps doing. So, it is no surprise the second episode addresses her fears when a metahuman with Psychic abilities’ makes her see what she is most afraid of. As well as Kara in crisis in the first episode we also get to meet a mother called Samantha Arias (Odette Annable) and her daughter Ruby (Emma Tremblay). We know from the press releases she is to become Reign, an experiment from Krypton, she is a world killer according to the comics. We know her pod was launched off Krypton the same time as Kara but the rest is a mystery and am sure will unfold during this season.
We also are introduced to Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) a rather unscrupulous businessman who trades barbs with Lena. Another new face to the series is Alura, now played by Erica Durance best known for playing Lois Lane in Smallville.

Steel is said to be strong due to its density and ability to bear weight. It’s also made up of other components that’s why I found the title very apt for the season three opening episode.
Let’s take a closer look at the first two episodes starting with Girl of Steel.
Girl of Steel is about Kara. Like I mentioned above Kara is hiding behind her Supergirl persona. In fact, Supergirl is everywhere. We learn it’s been 6 months since The Daxamites. National city is rebuilding with the help of a new investor Morgan Edge. Catco and Lena Luthor question his morals when he wants to tear down and rebuild the waterfront. Something that has him crossing paths with this week’s villain Blood Sport who loves to blow things up and steals tech to enable him to cloak anything. Yes, he wants him to destroy the waterfront so he can rebuild it. He also wants to buy CatCo so he can control the news. Evil or just good business!
Catco is without Cat Grant who has a new position as press secretary to the President and we can’t help but hear a few digs thrown in about certain current political issues. Her Catco shares she had to put in trust due to her position so all remaining shares are being bought by Edge but it was of no surprise near the end of the episode Lena announced she had bought Catco. Her dislike of Edge and accurate comparison to him as a Gordon Gecko character. He is despicable but she has the Minions. (see reference in episode 2).

Back to Kara who seems to believe being Kara Danvers is a mistake and is going to focus all her time as Supergirl. Even to quitting Catco, a job she worked so hard for. Alex and her friends have been giving her space but Alex gives her a good talking to saying Kara Danvers has saved her more times than Supergirl. I miss these sister moments and was glad to see more in the next episode.

Due to Supergirl saving the city they are unveiling her statue at the waterfront. It’s here that a young girl called Ruby accidentally bumps into Alex along with her mother.
Alex seems reserved about her upcoming wedding and Maggie asks why. Alex knows her dad won’t be there (I adored the scene near the end where she asked J’onn).

WhenSupergirl looks down at the unveiling ceremony, its J’onn that imparts his words of wisdom telling her she has been courting emptiness of late. Isn’t the family motto El Mayara, Stronger Together something she seems to have forgotten.
As explosions start, it becomes clear to her it’s not above but in the water. We know Supergirl can’t breathe underwater but looks like she can hold her breath a long time. A vision of Mon-El telling her to wake up after an explosion knocks her for six soon has her lifting the sub out the water. I fear she has a way to go as she meets her friends later in the bar but it’s a start.
Samantha becomes separated from her daughter and later saves her after lifting a heavy piece of scaffold off her during the attack, shocking herself. Later that night she has a similar dream to Kara but with a face out of a horror movie. We fear Reign may be awakened. A revealed pod in the waterfront might also have some clues.

As for Edge, Supergirl knows he was involved but can’t prove it and leaves him in the middle of the ocean on a barge after he threatens Lena.

This season opener didn’t pack a punch but set things up for what is to come, a darker toned Supergirl. This theme continues in Trigger’s

What is worse than being forced to face our fears? A Psychic thief named Psi not only uses her abilities to create fear to gain entrance to banks but soon has the girl of steel facing what she really is afraid of.

Supergirl is still all business and her curt brush off of Lena even after she came back to Catco shows us that Sunny Danvers still isn’t there. Supergirl is still running around and like Maggie said in the last episode the cops can do their jobs sometimes. However, Maggie brings a case to the DEO’s attention that is puzzling. No force was used and no gas yet this lady walks into the bank and out with the cash. Another alarm is raised and Supergirl responds but it seems this woman has her own skill set and Maggie arrives to see Supergirl frightened in the vault.
The tests on Supergirl back at the Deo don’t provide many answers but J’onn can tell part of her has been affected by a psychic metahuman. The next time they meet, despite J’onns efforts to stop it, Supergirl can’t stop her. Supergirl later confides in Winn that Psi is targeting people’s fears and tells him what she saw. Alex, of course, gets Winn to tell her all after Kara has an episode at Catco, believing once again she was whammed by Psi.
It turns out Kara suffered from claustrophobia when she first arrived and Psi has triggered it again. I admire the fact they tackled the issue of panic attacks and even Supergirl can succumb to them.

Alex goes to her asking what is wrong and she tells her everything that made her happy has gone. Supergirl which still made her happy she now feels that’s gone too. I loved this scene and we need more Danvers sisters at the heart of the show, something that has been lacking. Alex tells her she will always be there and later when Psi attacks again its Alex who gets her to admit she fears. Kara believes she killed Mon-El and the guilt of putting him in a pod, which is what happened to her. Alex tells her she saved him like her mother saved her. When Supergirl once again returns to fight Psi, who now has no affect on her. I love the fact Supergirl nutted her.

Another storyline was we learned more about Samantha and Ruby Arias. Samantha starts a new job but Ruby is convinced her mother has superpowers. When Psi attacks, Ruby puts herself in danger but its Supergirl that saves them. She thought if her mum had powers she wouldn’t need to work and her new job, well that was a twist, she is the new head of L Corp as Lena takes over Catco.

Lena at Catco certainly ruffles both James and Kara’s feathers with Kara not explaining her absences and James not sure if he is still the boss or not. Kara and Lena both talk, in which Kara apologies for her behaviour and Lena says she is learning how to be a friend as Luthors don’t have friends but Minions.

The introduction of Samantha to Kara was a nice touch, also Alex meeting Ruby again at the crime scene.

Edge is mentioned but we don’t see him just Lena has Kara doing some digging on him.

Alex and Maggie seem to be at odds this episode, just stress over their upcoming wedding perhaps but an important issue comes to light.

The montage at the end had Samantha trying to bend a crowbar but it didn’t happen, Kara and Alex watching Wizard of Oz together( we know this is Kara’s fav movie also like it was said everything is better in musicals). Lastly J’onn alone at the Alien bar (still needs a name) he hears M’gann who appears in a vision and tells him to come to Mars.

This episode was well written and fantastic performance from Melissa Benoist. It dealt with a complicated issue, saying its ok to be afraid and once you face your fears it gets easier.

Next week a road trip to Mar's

What are your thoughts about the return of Supergirl?

Do you like the darker tone?

Please post in the comments below

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