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Speechless - J-J’S D-R–DREAM & T-TR– TRAINING D-A– DAY - Double Review

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Sorry for the slight delay Speechless fans. Both episodes had some certain charms and interesting character developments. So let's start with J-J's D-R-DREAM.


The episode was written by Seth Kurland and directed by Christine Gernon followed 3 very different stories but equally entertaining.

And while I wasn't the biggest fan of Ray in this episode, Mason Cook really delivered a hilarious performance. The chemistry between Ray and Taylor carried a lot of weight in this episode and Sedona James was a well-appreciated addition. Ray's desperate attempt to connect with Taylor wasn't my favorites side of Ray. The whole Charity thing felt nasty and left a bad taste in mine mouth. I'm glad the writers pulled it out for him and made him a half-decent human at the end.

The other DiMeos pulling out the charity for Ray was real DiMeo of them. Maya and Jimmy explaining how they made it happen were hilarious, especially every table being a different addiction. Ray redeemed himself in my eyes a bit with that speech but I do hope we get back to this charity during the season.

Meanwhile, Jimmy, as possessed Maya Boss, was such a funny thing to watch. It was a perfectly tailored story for John Ross Bowie's Jimmy and giving us more Maya-Jimmy is always a great thing. Maya being all turned up by a Bossy Jimmy was so hilarious, especially when she wanted to do it while Kenneth was hiding in the closet. The Undercover boss puns were funny and I would so fire the guy like 2-3 scenes before Jimmy didn't. Him winning the Undercover boss-employee in a suitcase golf match was a nice touch and brought slacker Jimmy back to surface.

The third story involving Dylan and Kenneth was another winner in this episode. Dylan and Kenneth rarely interact but when they do I always enjoy it. Kenneth hiding from her and Dylan stressing out about it were really funny moments to watch.

I liked that they brought back the story of the small home, with little space and privacy just to put all down by Dylan starting to miss her buddy, Kenneth. Their talk at the Charity was sweet and made me hopeful they will interact more.

Dylan's moments with Joyce were also interesting. I hope we get more Joyce in the future. She is a wildcard and doesn't care about anyone's BS. Would be nice to get a Joyce centric outing down the line.


I think this was my favorite episode of the season so far. From the TALK between Jimmy and Ray to the meeting between Maya's trainees and their disabled partners it was absolutely hilarious and carried a strong message as always. The episode was written by Carrie Rosen and directed by Bill Purple.

Ray's reaction to Jimmy giving him the talk was adorable. Also meeting Ray's torturer Brandon was a great storyline. I mean I love every story giving Dylan space to be a bit gaga and torture Ray. Her interaction with Brandon was priceless, especially when they made plans while sitting on Ray. Hilarious stuff. I felt bad for Dylan when Bradon dropped Ray as his object of obsession but she still has her brother. Ray becoming a band kid so his sister could torture him was adorable as always.

Jimmy taking JJ out for a camping trip to give him the talk turned into an amazing storyline. It again brought up JJ's struggle and the struggle of people with disabilities in general. Jimmy trying to sugarcoat the situation didn't work of course cause JJ isn't stupid. I enjoy every time JJ fights for his independence, IRL it certainly doesn't go this smooth but everyone can take a chance and if you don't risk occasionally you may never succeed.

JJ going all alone on the rescue mission was a bit too much but still a very enjoyable. JJ didn't think twice about going on the mission to save his father no matter what. Their moment at the campfire was another classic Speechless moment. Full of emotions and harsh truths which is the true beauty of Speechless.

Last but not least let's talk Maya's version of Training Day. Maya loves all that she is and everything JJ's disability made her be, so of course, she was so hyped to train the new aides. The Aide's lack of enthusiasm would push even a sane person over the edge so it was obvious Maya would go sideways.

Her attempts to make them drop their jobs were so hilarious. Kenneth meddling into the story was a great thing as well. His scenes with Maya were adorable. The two of them are on the same level and him playing her was a phenomenal move by the writers. The two of them teaching the slightly more inspired Aide's was really sweet and the meeting between the aides and their students was adorable.

I laughed so hard when Kate Bergeron met her student and communicated with sign language

Student in sign language: I don't think you've said that correctly.
English Teacher in sign language: I did, this just how I talks.

What did you think about the two latest Speechless episodes? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below and don't forget to tune in for this week's Halloween outing of Speechless 8:30pm Central on ABC.

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