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Speechless - F-I– FIRST S-E– SECOND F– FIRST DAY - Review: "The _uck U Say!"

Another episode, another outing of Speechless that actually left me speechless and this time cause I laughed my freaking a*s off. The second episode of the second season had an utterly confusing title but was another hilarious outing penned by Danny Chun and directed by Rob Cohen.

Speechless delivered another great opening scene. The prep for the first second first day was hilarious. The writers once again exploited their kid's unique quirks and made me laugh from the bottom of my heart. Ray's very creepy video message involving his newly acquired girlfriend was the winner for sure. Maybe even the funniest gag of the episode was simply hilarious. Maya and Jimmy's reaction to the whole story was made it just much better. Dylan's way of finding her backpack was very sweet and very Dylan and I loved the major Dylan focus this episode got. But let's first talk about The Mayan Empire

The Mayan Empire

Minnie Driver's Maya is such a brilliant character and Minnie really plays her with so much passion and conviction. And the story she got this week made let her play on all her strengths.

Kenneth: I was always afraid this day would come. Ray: She's been validated
And yes she was. Maya feeling so empowered by the other parents was hilarious to watch. Maya blossomed in her fight for the ones in need and she loved the validation. Outer validation is something very intoxicating and Maya wasn't immune to it. Her fight for her friends was really enjoyable, especially as it gave us more Maya - Dr. Miller scenes.  I'm not sure which one was more hilarious, Dr. Miller offering Maya to put her feet into her mouth or Dr. Miller using the F-word. The interaction between the two ladies was a great part of the first season and the more Dr. Miller we get the happier I will be.

I really hope Maya's Aid drill will be shown on screen and not swept under a rug, Think it would be a great plot point as it seems like a rather rad mission.

I'm not used to STAY!
Major kudos for Kyla Kennedy for carrying out this episode. Yes, Minnie was also shining bright this week, but Kyla outshined her. I'm really impressed by her ability to transfer emotion, no matter if it is joy or something funny or something emotionally heavy. The writers gave Kyla some tough material but some very reliable material and she perfectly executed the story. The interaction between Kyla and Jimmy Ross Bowie was just heartwarming and endearing.  The way Dylan opened up to her father had the perfect choice of words and was perfectly executed. Especially her request for assurance was simply moving. Jimmy later stepping up during Maya's mess was a nice moment. I cheered "GO JIMMY!" soooo hard.

Jimmy's little side story with the desire for an uninterrupted bath was another enjoyable plot point. Jimmy really needs a break.

My life is your life

I was pleasantly surprised by the turn that the Kenneth-JJ story took this week. We can always expect emotional stuff when these two are involved but the thing I loved about this episode is how they've developed the story. It had a very nice and subtle build up and ended up giving more strength to their bond. The inclusion of Ray into their interaction was highly appreciated, especially during another of their hilarious Emma Watson puns.
Kenneth: Ms. Emma Watson work out sweaty.
Jay: Did you found anything? 

Kenneth's desire to only show the bright side of his character to JJ was really sweet. It showed how much Kenneth respects JJ and how much his respect means to Kenneth. Their emotional resolution and the scene with the Spanish teacher were great. I love that they Micah Fowler more material to work and use his mimic to express what he feels and thinks.

So what are your thoughts on Spechless' latest outing? Feel free to share your thoughts on it in the comment section down below, looking forward to chatting with you. Either way, we'll have an appointment next week where I'll be talking about JJ's Dream.

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