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SEAL Team - Other Lives - Reviews: "Creative Problem Solving + Poll

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The first real episode of the season was better than the pilot, but it seems it will take the show a little longer to improve the personal stories.

I just realized another problem for me due to the weak character development of the pilot. I do not know these characters’ names. Jason Hayes I remember because they keep repeating that ‘he’s the great Jason Hayes’, but I have had to look up everyone else’s name.

Over stories remained predictable and uninteresting. I’m not sure how long the action stories can keep me watching if they don’t do some work on these characters.

Massey’s wife has not only gotten Alana to agree to sell the house for her, but to pack it up as well. Maybe Alana volunteered. (Personally, I’m a little too much of a control freak to hand that much of the process over to anyone, even a friend.)

Jason stopped by to help her with the project and we were treated to a scene we’ve seen hundreds of times before. The flashback felt like a waste of space. Instead of adding depth to the stories they’re trying to get off the ground the scene repeated information we already know.

The young hot head’s story was equally predictable. I guessed every major beat in Clay Spenser’s story. Clay’s meeting with the woman who will soon be the “love of his life” was also a scene we’ve seen a million times before. Boy tries to pick girl up. Girl resists his charms.

His results in the Top Five/Bottom Five exercise were completely expected. Although, I didn't have a problem with this subplot. Given who this character is, it's a situation that had to happen. I think the level of cliché’s in the episode overall have left me less forgiving that I usually would be.

It was really awesome to see Michael Irby as the instructor. I figure we’ll be seeing more of him this season.

I liked having only one assignment this episode; it gave them time to add moments with the Dr. Lucien. I loved his reaction to the info download about the HAHO jump. I just liked the guy. He was completely out of his element, but didn’t let is fear beat him.

The mission was to get Dr. Lucien into an abandoned hospital in Syria to find evidence that the site is being used to make chemical weapons. Without solid evidence the DOD will not authorize a strike on the site. Of course the team finds civilians who have been poisoned by this chemical.

With an army bearing down on them and not enough vehicles to get the sick out of the area before they come under attack the team struggles to get the military support they need to rescue these victims. The military isn’t willing to risk more men until Jason comes upon the idea to sell the civilians as the evidence.

I still like the military side of the show. There were a few small touches that were interesting and hinted at the potential the show is not living up to. I want to yell ‘pick up the pace’.

What about you guys? Are you willing to give the show a little more time to grow?

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