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Scorpion - Sci Hard - Review: "Smoke and Mirrors"

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The opinions of other people matter to just about everybody, no matter how much of genius you are. And they certainly matter to Walt, who begins the episode having Paige try and use her superior social skills to get him back into the genius society Vor. Apparently Walter had a "small disagreement" with the club and is now on probation.

That "small disagreement" ends up being a lot bigger then Walter let on. He infected a bunch of ice cubes with E.coli and brought them to a Vor function, causing nine people to be hospitalized with "explosive diarrhea." Understandably, Vor has no plans of letting him back in.

Back at the garage, Happy inspects Cabe's "new car." Since his government SUV has been impounded and he's now broke, he bought the only car he could afford - a $500 station wagon with a stuck tape playing the 80's classic "Gloria," that could generously be described as a hunk of junk. Despite the fact that Happy tells him there's no hope for the car, Cabe is determined to drive it till it dies and heads out to the science convention Scorpion has a booth at. Happy and Toby say they will follow later in in their own vehicle because they refuse to ride in what Happy aptly refers to as a "death trap."

At the science convention, Walter once again spars with the Vor guy and Cabe takes a nap in a sensory deprivation tank on display. Unfortunately, while Cabe's checked out, armed robbers invade, forcing everyone into another part of the building. They say they're here to force Scorpion alley Richard Elia to delete the intense amount of personal info he's apparently mined from customers.

Although Elia agrees, it quickly becomes apparent that that privacy information is only a smokescreen for the gunmen's actual goal - robbing Elia's new banking equipment. Walter and his not-friend from Vor volunteer to hack the system to get the robbers gone. Only Elia informs Paige that's not going to work. His system isn't actually ready and won't be for six more months. The presentation happening at the convention was going to be a glorified party trick. There's no money to rob.

At this, the team realizes they're going to have to pull a party trick of their own on the robbers. As Walter stalls for time, Cabe, whose since finished his siesta in the sensory deprivation tank, roams the building undetected taking out stray bad guys. Sly, who is on the other-side of the country in the middle of the bar exam, attempts to set up a fake banking page. Except there's going to need to be real money on this fake banking website and there isn't enough time for Sly to both build the fake bank page and hack an actual bank (and finish the bar!).

So, Happy and Toby take off from outside the convention and head to a nearby bank to get a password. Alas, they're doing this without the aide of the cops, who've reasoned that Cabe and the rest of the team might actually be orchestrating the robbery as a "screw you" to the government for Cabe's charges. This leaves Happy and Toby to do the next "logical" thing - fake an armed robbery for the bank password and attempt to evade the cops.

Although this actually works, it ends with Happy and a (pant-less) Toby in cuffs and the robbers about to shoot and severely wound all the hostages. Although they've agreed not to kill anyone, they've decided that if they wound everyone, the cops will be too busy performing first aid to chase them.

At this, Paige steps in to save the day by pushing the button for the smoke/balloon/confetti/etc light show that Elia had rigged for his scam presentation. This confuses and blinds the robbers and gives Paige and Walter enough time to herd everyone through the trapped door on the stage that Elia had planned to appear from.

While the hostages head for safety, Cabe takes off in his crappy car to catch the two remaining gunmen, who've fled on motorcycles. With some mapping out of directions from Sly, he's able to cut off the robbers and cause them to crash into his car. And the impact even un-sticks the "Gloria" tape!

Although all is well in LA, Sly has now run out of time to finish the bar, which he only completed about 70% of before being pulled in to save the day. He's sure he's doomed. Cabe assures him he did his best and that's he's grateful he tried.

Finally, Cabe goes to head out. Even though Happy's found some cheap cars in better shape online, Cabe declares he's going to stick with his new wheels.

He, indeed, does stick with them - all 30 feet outside the garage to where he breaks down. As the team (who are too penniless to hire a tow-truck) attempt to push the car the three miles to the nearest garage with a lift, Sly gets unexpectedly good news. He passed!

Random Thoughts:
- Best quote goes to Cabe and Toby. "Two words. Tow-truck." "Two words. We're broke." Cabe, always the responsible parent!

-Cabe as Barnaby the Butler was hilarious!

-I'm glad Toby and Happy are ditching SNORK!

-I loved Ray's little appearance!

What did you think of the team's very eventful day? Now that Sylvester's passed the bar, do you think he'll actually be able to defend Cabe? Let me know below!

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