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Scorpion - Nuke Kids on the Block - Review: "Death Omelet"

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Unsurprisingly, being broke goes hand-in-hand with being unable to retain a decent lawyer. That's what Team Scorpion is discovering when episode four picks up. Because they're now strapped for cash, Cabe's options for a lawyer are limited to a stick-it-to-the-government rager, a nervous wreck, an ambulance chaser, and an Uber driver.

Taking a break from the lawyer search, Scorpion heads out to the desert to decommission an old nuclear reactor. What should be a routine job goes seriously wrong, when Happy, who's on edge after Paige told her to butt out of her and Walter's time together, accidentally drops a wrench and creates a dent that starts leaking rocket fuel. This is going to cause the reactor to become, what Sylvester aptly calls, a death omelet.

Of course, the team figures out a way to temporarily stop the leak with a 3D printed plug and some neon from a nearby sign store. Although this seems to work, Walter gets knocked out while trying to insert the plug. This forces Happy and Paige to work together to haul him out. Although the wound is still fresh, this at least gets Happy off her "Paige ruins everything rant."

Just when the team thinks their work is done, they realize that the neon they got from the shop is mixed with other gases, which is causing the pressure in the fuel tank to jump dangerously high and the plug to come undone. But, alas, hope is not lost. They're going to blow the fuel tanks and launch the warhead, just unarmed. The reactor is surrounded by desert, so the warhead will be safe to land.

With some more teamwork from the Walter-Paige-Happy trio and some quick on the fly calculations from Sly, they're able to launch it. Unfortunately, the vapor in the reactor accidentally triggered the warhead timer right before they set it off, which means they've got less then 20 minutes to find the warhead and disarm it.

So Scorpion, being the risk-taking daredevils that they are, find the warhead and run straight for it. Then, in a "We're about to get blown up. Oh no!" moment, Happy is able to pull the battery just in time. The geniuses will live to fight another day!

Back home, Sylvester rushes to make the West Altadena council meeting, where he's figured out a way to save the science club by saving energy on the city street lights. His ability to "see solutions when others don't" has inspired him to fix another problem. Back at the garage, Sly proposes a bold solution to Cabe's lawyer problem. He can take the bar and become Cabe's lawyer. With a photographic memory, there's no reason to think he can't pull it off. Although the team is initially skeptical, they quickly realize Sly might actually be right.

As the night ends, Walter and Paige go off on a date (alone!) and Toby and Happy have a talk. He knows the reason she's been spending so much time with Walter, Paige, and Ralph is because they're finally the nuclear family unit she never had growing up. This leads to Happy's own bold declaration. She wants a baby. NOW.

Random Thoughts:
-I love that they made Cabe a "junior intern."

-Yes, Patty, we know you've never had a tardy!

-Poor Ralph, I think heartbreak might be on the horizon.

-Best quote goes to Sly after being summoned by Patty. "I better go. She angers easily."

What do ya'll think of Happy's declaration? Were you surprised by Sylvester's idea to become Cabe's lawyer? Let me know below!

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