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Scorpion - More Extinction - Review: "Mind-Games"

It was the end of the world as they knew it...and the Scorpion team wasn't feeling fine.
Part two of the fourth season premiere "Extinction" picks up right after the discovery that the methane pockets weren't actually sealed. As the team drives away from the danger zone, they try to convince Cabe's boss to send them more resources and manpower in a last ditch effort to fix things up. Unsurprisingly, he refuses, so Team Scorpion sets out to go it on their own.

Fortunately for them, they quickly identify a nearby base with all the resources they need. Unfortunately for them, said base is actually a Russian luxury spa for trigger-happy military officials. Collins, who conveniently speaks Russian, gets them past the front gate where they promptly knock out the front desk guy and split up. Toby, Happy, and Sly take off for the pool to get potassium iodide. Cabe and Collins head off to incapacitate the general whose helicopter they've decided to co-opt to disperse the solution over the methane pockets. Page and Walter go find mirrors to collect sliver nitrate.
Predictably, some problems are encountered that inspire some creative solutions. The pool storage closet is out of potassium iodide, so Toby, Happy, and Sly have to drain the pool and boil it. To do this, they've got to come up with a convincing reason to get people out of the pool. That reason to get out of the pool? Toby pees in it, and people, understandably, scatter. While this is going on, Walter and Page have a run in with security and end up stuck hiding in a broom closet.
After taking care of the general by encasing him in a glue-like cocoon, Cabe and Collins go for a handcart to move the potassium iodide while Happy disables the helicopter pilot. The helicopter presents another problem in itself- it's completely labeled in Russian. As Happy attempts to learn her away around the controls (including accidentally firing a Russian missile into Norway), Toby and Sly are able to make it to her. But, Walter and Paige are still stuck in the broom closet, and in the midst of loading the potassium iodide onto the handcart, Collins slips and injures his ankle, putting him and Cabe behind schedule as well.
The helicopter crew is eventually forced to fly out, while Cabe, Collins, Walter, and Page make their way through groups of angry Russian soldiers and escape via car. Things finally start looking up after everyone has escaped and Cabe and Walter get ready to use rockets to shoot their parts of the solution skyward to mix up in the vortex created by the helicopter. Collins falls though, and Cabe is forced to disable the shock monitor on Collins so he can get further then 25 feet away from him and shoot the rocket from the right place.
What comes next is what I think many of us have been expecting since the moment Collins appeared back on screen last week- he escapes. Scorpion is forced to go home with him on the lamb, as visibility conditions give them no way to track him.
Back home, Cabe tries to explain the situation to his boss and his choice to take the monitor off Collins. The team reassures him everything will work out, but as Cabe heads out to see Allie, he is stopped by police and arrested for aiding in an escape. His boss doesn't seem to be the forgiving type...
Random Thoughts:
-Cabe's little attempt at a team hand-stack was adorable, even if no one else knew what he was talking about.
-Although Walter and Page seemed to have worked things out for now, I think some of what Collins said is definitely going to stick with them.
-I'm so glad Happy retrieved the Band-Aid and made the ring. And I'm glad Sylvester has "the very best friends."
-Good thing Toby left a note on the helicopter. I'm sure the Russians really appreciated it...
What do you think will become of Cabe now that he's been arrested? Do you think Collins will be found anytime soon? Let me know in the comments below!

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